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The 5 Best Family Camping Tents for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Best Family Camping Tents

If your family are regular campers, or you plan on taking your first camping trip together this year, you’ll need the right family camping tent for the job.

The tent you choose can make a major difference to your camping experience; too small and it’ll be crowded and uncomfortable. Too big, and it will be difficult to carry and feel empty. 

You need a tent that’s just right, but finding it might feel like a challenge. There are hundreds of tents on the market, which is why we’re here to help. 

Wood To Water is a specialist camping and outdoor store, so we know the best family tents for any camping trip. To save time and help you find the perfect family tent for your next trip, we’ve listed them here and offered handy tips on choosing the right one. 

Highlander Birch 3 Tent

The Highlander Birch 3 is a compact tent ideal for couples or small families with young kids. 

Its main selling point is how easy it is to assemble, but other important features include: 

  • The fully-sewn in groundsheet means you don’t need a separate one 
  • High-visibility guy lines come pre-attached to make setting up the tent easy
  • The double-skin construction protects you and your family from the elements
  • The small outer porch is perfect for storing muddy boots and dirty coats

This compact tent doesn’t have any partitions, so it’s not ideal as a large family tent, but it can be a great starter tent for small or young families new to camping. It can also be a great spare tent for short or festival camping trips. 

Being cost-effective and easy to put up, the Highlander Birch 3 is a simple and affordable first tent for camping with your loved ones. 

Naturehike Cloud Up 3 Tent

An ultra-light 3-person tent, the Naturehike Cloud Up 3 is ideal for climbers, as it is lightweight and packs down into a small bag. 

Some of the key features of this quality camping tent include: 

  • The tent has an easy set-up that takes less than 5 minutes and can pack down into a small bag
  • The removable extra layer means you can adjust the tent to work for wetter, colder weather or sunnier climates
  • The tent boasts small windows for ventilation and to make the tent feel more like a home away from home 
  • Every aspect of the tent is high-quality, including YKK dual zippers, durable materials and a firm structure, so the tent is built to last

With its quality materials and innovative extra waterproof layer, the Naturehike Cloud 3 is a versatile tent that lasts many years. Like the Highlander Birch 3, it doesn’t allow for much privacy, but it is roomy and has a porch for keeping wet garments in. 

So, if you’re looking for a versatile starter tent or a useful spare for hiking, then this could be the perfect tent for your family camping trips. 

Vango Helvellyn 300 Tent

Another 3-person tent with a handy covered porch, the Vango Helvellyn 300 is a great all-rounder that’s perfect for a range of situations. 

This semi-geodesic tent comes with a selection of useful features, including: 

  • The semi-geodesic construction provides the ultimate stability in all weathers
  • The porch can be opened in a range of ways to keep you safe from rain and wind
  • There’s an oversized opening to make packing the tent quick and easy 
  • The breathable polyester inner layer makes the tent breathable and perfect for all weathers

With its comfortable construction and weatherproof layout, it’s easy to see why the Vango Helvellyn 300 is part of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award-recommended camping gear. 

It’s perfect for a range of uses and can comfortably sleep 3 people, so it’s great for small families. 

Naturehike Automatic Quick Pitch Tent

For short trips and lighter weather, the Naturehike Automatic Quick Pitch Tent is an affordable and simple tent for families. 

Some of the key features of this tent are: 

  • The pop-up mechanism means you can set the tent up in a minute or less 
  • The outer fabric layer can be rolled up and secured with buckles or closed down to protect from the elements
  • The groundsheet provides 2000mm water resistance and UV resistance to make it perfect for a range of situations 
  • Two doors and four mesh windows provide ventilation and easy entry from various points 

Small but mighty, this versatile pop-up tent is a great choice for short trips or keeping in a car for family fishing trips. It’s also an affordable option for families that provides great value. 

Naturehike Monger Extension Door for Tent

If you have a larger family or more camping equipment, then the Naturehike Monger Extension Door could be an ideal way to extend your tent. 

It creates an additional storage space at the entrance of your tent and means that there’s more room inside for sleeping and relaxing with your family. 

The extension can easily be fitted to the tent, meaning that it doesn’t add much time to your already short set-up time for the Naturehike Automatic Quick Pitch Tent. 

Naturehike offers the door extensions in a range of colours to match the tents they offer so that you can get a sleek look for your campsite. 

What Do I Need to Take on a Family Camping Trip?

Your tent is just one aspect of your family camping set-up: there are many other pieces of equipment you need to keep your loved ones safe and comfortable during your excursion into the great outdoors. 

Every camping trip and family is different, but these are some of the key essentials you’ll need: 

1. Family Camping Tent

The tent is the backbone of every family camping set-up, as it’s where you’ll sleep and store all the rest of your equipment. 

When choosing a family tent, make sure it’s slightly larger than needed so that you have enough room for storage and to accommodate all your family members in comfort. 

Family camping tents
The 5 Best Family Camping Tents for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

2. Sleeping Bags and Air Mattresses

Tents act as your shelter, but within them, you’ll need a sleeping system, much like you still need a bed in any house. 

When camping, every family member will need sleeping bags and mats, as well as an inflatable mattress to keep them off the ground and support their body as they rest. 

3. Flashlights and Headlamps

At night, you’ll need some form of light to keep your camp illuminated and ensure that you can safely navigate it if you need to go to the bathroom or leave the camp for any reason. 

Choose a selection of camping lights and lanterns for any occasion, including headlamps for personal use and larger lanterns to share while you’re having fun with your family. 

4. Camping Cooking Gear

When you’re camping with your family, you’ll need plenty of cooking gear to make tasty meals you can all share together. 

While you might imagine that you’ll be cooking over an open fire, this isn’t always possible, and it’s best to have a stove with you for safety and to guarantee that you can enjoy delicious hot foot even if you’re not allowed or able to light a fire in your campsite. 

Camping cooking gear
The 5 Best Family Camping Tents for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Camping Stoves

The first step is to find the right camping stove, which comes in various materials, sizes and types. 

Some are fuelled using different materials, so find the one that suits you and that you can easily use. 

Predominantly, most campers use either gas stoves, solid fuel stoves or liquid fuel stoves, so explore all the options to find the one you prefer.

Camping Cooking Accessories

Once you have your stove, you can consider other camping cooking accessories, such as cast iron cookware, pans and utensils, and camping tableware

Finally, it would help if you carried some cool bags to keep your food at the right temperature while you’re outdoors and don’t have access to a fridge. 

With the right camping cooking equipment, you can create tasty feasts for your family to get them ready for your fun outdoor adventure. 

5. First Aid Kit and Emergency Supplies

Even the most safety-conscious families can encounter an accident during their camping trip, so having a well-stocked first aid kit is crucial. 

It needs to contain items to offer minor first aid for family members who might have fallen, burnt themselves or been bitten by an insect while outdoors. 

Additionally, you should consider other safety equipment and emergency supplies, such as water filtration tools and fire-making gear, as well as insect repellent and sun protection. You’ll then be able to ensure you’re prepared for any issue while in the wilderness with less access to shops and healthcare services. 

Camping supplies
The 5 Best Family Camping Tents for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Shop Wood To Water for All Your Family Camping Essentials

Shopping for a family tent can feel like a minefield, especially when so many makes and models are out there. 

That’s why our experts have shared our top picks of the best large family tents, so you can find one that suits your needs. 

Alongside our extensive array of tents for camping, we also offer a huge range of camping accessories, sleeping systems, and gear for fun outdoor activities like fishing

So, whatever you need for your next family camping trip, you can find it at Wood To Water. We know there are a lot of products on offer and that picking the right ones for you can be tricky, which is why we also provide reviews on our blog

With our help, you can find the perfect gear for your next family camping adventure and ensure that you’ve always got everything you need. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring Wood To Water’s latest products today!


How Big of a Tent Do I Need for Family Camping?

When choosing a tent for your family, we recommend that you choose one that’s larger than required. So, if you are a family of 3, choose a tent that sleeps 4-5 people. 

Choosing a slightly larger tent will allow you to have space to store all the items you bring safely and ensure that everyone has enough room to feel comfortable.

What Should I Look for When Buying a Family Tent?

When buying a tent for your family camping trip, consider one that has separate spaces for privacy so that you can all feel like you have your own area. Also, choose one that is easy to put up, as it can be frustrating if your tent is complicated, especially if you have young children with you. 

What Do I Need to Camp With Family?

For family camping, you need a tent, sleeping bags, cooking provisions, lights and a first aid kit at a minimum. Consider taking carrying accessories, such as a specialist rucksack or dry bags, as well as fire-making equipment and other camping accessories

How Do You Pack a Family of 4 for Camping?

As a family of four, you should pack a tent large enough to sleep around 6 people, depending on how many things you bring, to ensure you’re all comfortable and have enough space. You will need a sleeping set-up, utensils and lighting equipment for each person. You will also need a shared cooking facility and a first-aid kit. 

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