Camping Tableware

Think of camping like alfresco dining. To feel comfortable, you need a healthy collection of cooking, eating and drinking equipment. Barebones camping doesn’t mean eating poorly. Here at Wood To Water, we have a wide range of camping kitchenware for sale, from plates to bowls, cups to mugs. Read More

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Cooking Equipment

Before you sit down with your meal, you need to cook it. Most campers don't have enough space to take their whole kitchen with them, but that doesn't mean you can't cook your favourite meals.

Instead, you can buy compact cooking equipment which fits neatly into one container. Outdoor brands like GSI Pinnacle Camper specifically make camping table ware and cooking equipment that stack into each other. This design keeps everything in one place – easy!

If efficiency isn't your thing, you can create an aesthetic of the forest by using cast iron duct ovens for camping.

Cast iron dutch ovens are perfect for campfires, as they are designed specifically for the slow burn of a flame. These pans can help you make rich meals for all your family, all in one pot.

Foldable Camping Tableware

If you don't need a whole kitchen but still want a slim-fit camping tableware set, consider using foldable options. You can get foldable mugs and bowls, which can easily slot into your camping bag ready for your trip.

Think of the possibilities; with a foldable mug, you can sit down on your hiking trip and take in the views, not worrying about stuffing the cup back into your bag later. Instead, clip the mug to your backpack and carry on again. Simple!

Camping Cutlery

Like the plates and the cooking set, your cutlery should be compact. Some sets are designed with holes, allowing you to tie them to your backpack. 

Others are slim and designed to fit into a small container. Make sure it has everything you need, no matter which set you pick.

A spoon, fork and knife should come as a minimum, but if you need hardy kitchen knives or a bowl for a baby, make sure you get that too.

If you're stuck on what to pick, we suggest looking at the Kombat UK Nato cutlery set. This set is compact, slotting the cutlery into a simple container. That's all you need!

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What Type Of Cookware Is Best For Camping?

The best cookware for camping is compact, can complete multiple jobs and fulfil your needs. If you have a different piece of equipment for every type of cooking or drinking, then you'll end up with a bag filled with multiple tools. Instead, pick cookware which can do multiple things at once. This will lighten your load without restricting your plate.

What Are The Benefits Of Camping Tableware?

Camping tableware is designed to be durable. You can drop them, smack them about, and place them directly in flames knowing they will survive.

More importantly, camping tableware or any dishes for camping are designed to be compact. These space-saving tools help you carry more items without taking up space. If you use regular tableware, you'll have to bring more bags than you need.

Why Is Stainless Steel Good For Camping?

Stainless steel is excellent for all types of camping cookery because they are rust resistant and easy to clean. This means you can leave your forks in the wind and cold without worrying about their quality once the downpour stops.

You can also wash the tools knowing that hot water is all you need. Stainless steel doesn't have the same cracks as other materials, so you are more likely to stay healthy while away.

What Colour Plate Is Best?

Colours aren't necessary, right? Wrong! The best colour for your plates, glasses, or any tableware is one that stands out.

When you're camping, you shouldn't leave anything behind. Litter, in any form, should be taken home with you. So to ensure your plates, bowls and mess kits aren't left behind, you should pick colourful options. Anything that helps it stand out among the camp.

What Do People Cook When Camping?

The best camp meals are cooked in one pot. This creates a smaller clean-up and makes good use of the fire. If you're unsure what to cook, check out the Wilderness Chef cookbook for inspiration.