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Our Guide to Tunnel Tents: What Are They & The Best Models

best tunnel tents

When you’re choosing the perfect tent for your next outdoor adventure, there are a lot of factors to consider. As such, it can be tough to pick out the best tent for you. One versatile option that the team here at Wood To Water love is the tunnel tent. 

These popular tents are ideal for a wide range of different camping trips, which is why they’re so popular. 

Keep reading, and we’ll explore the many benefits of tunnel tents and how you can pick out the perfect one for any situation. 

What is a Tunnel Tent?

As the name suggests, a tunnel tent is a tent that is set up using several poles which bend to form a tunnel shape. 

Tunnel tents come in a range of sizes, so they work well for either single campers, couples or families. Some tunnel tents come with additional porches and other spaces to make them perfect for storing lots of camping equipment. 

Many campers love tunnel tents because they’re easy to assemble and light to carry, making them great for expeditions where you have to walk to your pitch. 

Different Types of Tents

Tunnel tents are just one of many different types of tents for camping that you can choose for your next trip. The best type for you depends on your circumstances, including where you’re going, what you’re going to do when you get there and how many people you’re taking with you. 

From bushman tents to hammock tents and beyond, there are many different brands, shapes and styles of other tents that you can select.

What Type of Camping Are Tunnel Tents Good For?

Tunnel tents are versatile options for a range of expeditions. As they have a lot of space inside, they can be ideal for large families or groups with lots of equipment. 

Also, tunnel tents are lighter than some of their counterparts, particularly considering the space they can give, meaning they can be great for hiking or backpacking trips

Tunnel tents need a flatter, even surface to sit upon, so they work best when camping in a campsite or on a firm surface rather than an uneven gravelly mountain top or pebbled beach. 

The Best Tunnel Tents for Every Camper

With so many tunnel tents to choose from, there’s one to suit every camper. Still, so many options also mean that you have to take more time to select the perfect one for you.

To save you time and help you pick out the best tunnel tent to suit your individual needs, we’ve listed some of the best tunnel tents on the market and the key characteristics they offer. 

The Vango Soul 100

For individuals who love solo camping, the Vango Soul 100 1-person tent is a great choice. This lightweight tent is easy to pitch, and the low-level tunnel design makes it incredibly sturdy, even in the face of high winds. 

Also available as a larger, 2-person version, this handy tent boasts a part-mesh inner tent door designed to control the temperature within the tent and reduce condensation so that you can stay dry in all weather conditions. 

With a pitch time of roughly 7 minutes and a useful carry bag to put it in when you’re done, the Vango Soul 100 is ideal for individuals who must carry their tent and who need to put it up by themselves. You’ll be able to manage this stylish green tunnel tent with ease, even if you’re not an experienced camper

Especially good for: Solo camping, wild camping, mountain camping

The Naturehike Hiby

A simple 2 to 3-person tent, the Naturehike Hiby is a comfortable and surprisingly roomy tent. 

Featuring a useful front awning, which creates a cosy porch for you to leave dirty shoes and coats in, the tent has near-vertical inner walls to give you as much space as possible. 

The result is a roomy tent that will comfortably sleep 3 people or 2 if you have a lot of camping gear with you. Made from 20D nylon-coated silicone, the tent keeps out even the most vicious of rain so that you can stay dry in tough conditions. 

Despite the innovative porch and the weather-resistant interior, the Naturehike Hiby is easy to pitch and folds down into a small, easy-to-carry bag so that you can take it anywhere with you. 

Especially good for: Couples, backpacking, wild camping

The Bushmen LODGER Core

With its simple design that combines a tunnel and a tarp tent, the Bushmen LODGER Core is a great tent for beginners or those who enjoy no-frills camping. 

Compatible with any camping tarp, the Bushmen LODGER Core is ideal for lighter weather and wild camping where you can immerse yourself in the beauties of mother nature. 

This lightweight, minimal tent will be ideal for clement weather and trips that involve a lot of hiking, climbing or walking. 

Especially good for: Wild camping, overnight fishing trips, festivals, beach camping 

The Naturehike Cloud Up

Another Naturehike tunnel tent design that is popular with a range of campers is the Cloud Up

This spacious 3-person tent is incredibly lightweight but also hard-wearing and built to withstand late winter through to early spring conditions. 

The free-standing design is easy to assemble and take down, making it ideal for those who are impatient and want to get settled in, like families with young children. When it’s packed away, the Cloud Up is easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space, so it’s great for those with lots of gear. It also comes in several colours, so there’s an option to suit every style and situation. 

Especially good for: Couples, small families, hiking, backpacking, festivals, wild camping 

How to Put Up a Tunnel Tent

Tunnel tents are notoriously easy to pitch, but you need to make sure that you have some support to help you with the fiddly tent poles

Each tent is different, and you should always read and understand the instructions before you start to assemble it. 

In general, this is a rough guide to putting up many common tunnel tents. 

Step 1: Check you have all the parts you need and lay them out on the ground
Step 2: Fit the poles together to create the rough structure of the tent
Step 3: Lay out the outside of the tent, find the door and set it out so it’s in the position you want 
Step 4: Place the groundsheet on the floor and anchor it to the ground with pegs
Step 5: Fit the poles into their designated sleeves so the tent starts to come together 
Step 6: Lift the tent off the ground, and use the pegs to anchor it to the ground
Step 7: Any inner linings and bases should be added now
Step 8: Check your guy lines and pegs, and then you’re all done and ready to go! 

How to Lay Out a Tunnel Tent

How to setup a tunnel tent
Our Guide to Tunnel Tents: What Are They & The Best Models

When you’re laying out your items and positioning your sleeping set-up in a tunnel tent, you want to make sure that you sleep towards the back of the tent so that you’re insulated from the noise that can come in through the zip on the door. 

Use the front of the tent, and the sides, to store your camping equipment. 

If you have a larger tunnel tent that sleeps several people, then you want to make sure that you all sleep the same way, lying with your bodies vertical to the door of the tent. 

Rounding Up: Our Tunnel Tents Guide

As you can see, tunnel tents are a versatile solution for almost every style of camping, making them a great addition to your camping gear collection. 

Almost every seasoned camper has, at one time or another, slept in a tunnel tent, so if you love the great outdoors, they’re definitely worth investing in. 

With the help of our collection of camping tents and this article, you can find the perfect tent to suit your next camping adventure. 

Alongside tents, Wood To Water also offers a wide variety of camping equipment, ranging from stoves to sleeping bags, cooking equipment to clothing and everything in between. So, whatever and wherever your next outdoor adventure might be, we’ve got you covered. 


Are Tunnel Tents Better?

A tunnel tent can offer many advantages to campers, so they can be a good solution for trips where you have to carry your tent around, as they are lighter than other options. However, they can take up more space than other types of tents and require a bit more effort to put up, so they won’t suit everyone. As such, you need to take into account your situation before choosing the right tent. 

Are Tunnel Tents Strong?

Tunnel tents can be incredibly strong and resistant to high winds, but only if they are put up properly. It’s important that you follow the instructions when pitching a tunnel tent. 

Are Tunnel Tents Easy to Put Up?

Most tunnel tents are relatively straightforward to put up, but they can be a little bit fiddly, especially when it comes to the curved poles. So, it’s often best if you work with someone else to put up your tunnel tent so that you have an extra pair of hands to help out. 

How Many People Do Tunnel Tents Sleep?

Tunnel tents can sleep any number of campers, but most hold between 1 and 6 people. The number of people who can sleep in your tunnel tent will be dependent on its size, so make sure you check the manufacturer’s guidelines before you make your purchase. 

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