Bushmen LODGER Core Tent (Various Colours)


Bushmen LODGER Core Tent in Black or Coyote

  • Super lightweight sleeping compartment
  • Use with any tarp
  • Great for Cyclists, Kayakers and Ultralight Campers/Trekkers
  • Set Contains: LODGER CORE-Tent®,  2 x folding aluminium frames, 4 x pegs in bag, Transportation bag


Bushmen LODGER Core Tent – Olive is the core of the tent – spacious, comfortable, ultralight and safe.  The perfect mobile bedroom, so you can camp wherever and whenever you like.  When the weather is good you can enjoy unlimited views and full protection from insects.  When it’s cold or raining, you can cover the LODGER with a tarp, turning it into an ultra-light tent in just a few moments.

The first fully tarp-compatible, 2-person tunnel mesh tent.

With a long waterproof storage space, there is more than enough room for even tall occupants.

Use it simply as a mesh tent, or cover the LODGER with a tarp and turn it into an ultralight tent.

Keep it lightweight and cover the LODGER with an ULTRALIGHT 2×3 tarp.  This set-up, including the aluminium frame, weighs less than 1.5kg.  You will have room for 2 people and luggage.

If you prefer more space and warmth then use the option of the LODGER with a THERMO-Tarp 3×3.  This combination gives you an extra 2 square metres of space in the form of a vestibule. This provides extra protection from the wind and cold or (stretched out with a thermal layer on the outside) acts as air conditioning when the sun decides to show you what “hot as hell” means! Even in this format your kit still remains unbeatably light – under 2kg.



BUSHMEN® – Travel Gear

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BUSHMEN® – Travel Gear is a Polish brand established in 2010. Thanks to the high quality, attractive design, solid workmanship, and minimal weight of the materials used, we are gaining a growing number of users around the world.

The BUSHMEN® – Travel Gear brand is available in the best sports, tourist, military, and survival stores in Poland and worldwide.

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