Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 2×3 Dark Olive


Bushmen Ultralight Tarp 2×3 Dark Olive is one of the absolutely lightest tarps on the market for a 2m x 3m tarp, it weighs only 300g!

Every element of this tarp is ULTRA-light – Bushmen have made sure that even the puller is ultra-light. It weighs less than 0.5 g (to be precise it is actully 0.4831g!)
When packed, the tarp takes no more space than a 1 litre bottle.

The ideal ultralight equipment for walkers, cycle tourists, canoeists, etc.  Generally, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, this is absolutely the equipment for you.

Team it up with the Bushmen ULTRALIGHT Hammock (SKU:  ULHADOL)

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  • Sewn using 100% waterproof ultralight 15D silnylon reinforced with a micro rip-stop.
  • Waterproof silicone layer provides immunity up to 2500mm H2O.
  • 16 characteristic loops arranged around plus 3 through the middle of the tarp.
  • Middle sewing line and the loops are reinforced and secured with a special black tape.
  • Tape is hot-welded and permanently bonds with the silicone layer creating a strong watertight ridge.
  • 6 pulling lines (3m each) with the tensioning system
  • Storage bag with transport handles
  • Weight:  300g



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