Our lightweight camping tents are ideal for hiking, wild camping and camping holidays, making your kit a whole lot easier to carry and transport with you. Our range includes 1-person, 2-person, 3-person and family-size camping tents from Highlander, DD Hammocks and more. Shop today.

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Leading Tent Brands

Tested & Trusted Lightweight Camping Tents

Our light and ultralight tents are a camping gear essential for keeping your kit lightweight and easy to transport wherever your outdoor expedition takes you.

You'll find brands such as DD Hammocks, Highlander, Naturehike, and more for a wide variety of lightweight shelters suitable for all camping trips and weather conditions. Our camping enthusiasts have specially selected the lightweight tents in this range for their combination of comfort, reliability and value.

Low Weight Tents for Three Season Camping

Lightweight tents are great for keeping the weight of your gear down, but that doesn't mean they can't provide adequate weather protection in less-than-ideal conditions. With three-season lightweight shelters, you can have a comfortable night's sleep anywhere, any time.

In our collection, you'll discover ultralight tents with innovative features to make them more wind-resistant and stable, like the Naturehike Ultralight 15D Cloudup Wing tent or classic backpack tents like the Naturehike Outdoor Cycling Backpack tent.

We also sell separate tarps and outer tents to provide more weather protection while still keeping your kit lightweight.

Customer-Favourite Backpacking Tents

If you're looking for tents that are lightweight above all else, mesh tents and tent inners are your best friend. Explore our ultralight tents like the Naturehike Spire Hiking tent and convenient backpacking tents like the Naturehike Outdoor VIK Series Ultralight tent.

We also stock super-lightweight mesh tents like the DD Superlight Pyramid Mesh tent and the Bushmen Lodger Core tent. These are great options for campers who want to enjoy sleeping under the stars without being attacked by bugs.

Of course, mesh tents are best for warm, dry weather and provide little weather protection without their tent body counterpart, so make sure you prepare for the weather on your trip.

Check out our range of lightweight tents for your next camping trip today!

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What are the Top Brands for Lightweight Tents?

Some of our most popular tent brands are DD Hammocks, Naturehike, and Bushmen. DD offer 1-person and 2-person tents that you can erect using just your trekking poles, offering plenty of headroom. Naturehike also offers ultralight shelters that you can pitch with a single pole. When it comes to the ultimate backpacking tent, the Bushmen Lodger Core tent is ultra-lightweight even with its dual aluminium frames.

What are 3-Season Tents?

A three-season tent is made from durable materials that withstand rainy and windy weather. The weather protection these tents offer makes them suitable for spring, summer, and autumn camping.

What Types of Camping Trips are Best Suited for Ultralight Tents?

We can't imagine a camping trip where you don't want to keep your kit as light as possible. Still, to be specific, any camping trip where you're going to be carrying your kit for extended periods or over difficult terrain requires an ultralight or backpacking tent. They're also great for solo adventures!

What is a Good Weight for a Lightweight or UltraLightweight Tent?

It’ll depend on the size of your tent (1, 2, or 3-person), but a good ultralight tent should weigh no more than 1kg. For example, the DD Superlight Pyramid Tent – Family Size weighs 750g (excluding the pegs).