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Handcrafted Hiking Gear

3F UL Gear is a company that specialises in making backpacks and hiking tents. All of their products are handmade by experienced craftsmen; in fact, most of them have more than 20 years of experience in sewing backpacks and tents.! With the help of computer modelling and laser cutting, they make tents and backpacks much more exquisite.

A Helping Hand

3F UL Gear is not only helping hikers all over the world but also helps them. They provide free food, commercial insurance and pension for each worker so that they do not have to fear the future. Furthermore, this is the reason why our products are so exquisite. Wood To Water is immensely proud to support a brand that is determined to give every customer the best hiking experience possible. Be sure to check out all our 3F UL Hiking Gear below.