Bushmen ULTRALIGHT Hammock – Green


  • Ultralight hammock (micro rip-stop Nylon 15)
  • Includes PRO Whoopie Slings
  • Weight:  150g

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Bushmen ULTRALIGHT Hammock – Green is the lightest on the market for a full-size, 3m x 1.45m hammock.  This hammock weighs only 350g!

Ultralight micro-ripstop 15D nylon is very strong, super light, breathable, and pleasant to the touch.

Although an extremely low weight, the hammock can still hold loads up to 130kg.  This model with its dark olive colour blends easily into natural surroundings.

If  you are watching every gram then this is the ideal hammock for you.  Even the puller is ultralight, weighing less than 0.5g (0.4831g to be exact!)

The set includes two 3mm Dyneema cords with a tensioning system (PRO Whoopie Slings).  These allow you to easily hang the hammock by hooking the ear of the tensioning system by passing it through the hammock loop then insert the tightening tension loop into the target mounting location.  Finally, adjust the position of the hammock using the PRO Whoopie Slings and you can then conveniently arrange yourself in the hammock.

The ridgeline is fitted with a mesh pocket.  This helps keep your valuables close to hand.

If you are quickly moving on and the hammock is still damp, you can always push it into the mesh pocket (which is twice as large as the hammock bag and easier to air/dry the hammock).  You can then quickly store the accessories into the hammock bag – a fast and practical solution.

When packed into its bag the hammock’s dimensions are only 15 x 5.5cm – no more than drinks can with a capacity of 350ml.



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