Hiking Poles

Hiking poles are an essential part of your camping gear, and we’ve got the best selection around! Whether you’re looking for lightweight aluminium poles or handy folding poles, we’ve got a great choice. Explore our range today! Read More

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Walking Poles

At Wood To Water, we stock walking poles and trekking poles from some of the very best camping and hiking brands around!

Our selection of hiking poles is designed for comfort that will help you power through your journey. The Robens Coniston Folding Hiking Pole consists of a Kevlar cord and PVC sheath, so no matter how often you travel uphill, downhill, or on difficult terrain, this unique design offers all the durability you could want!

You'll find a great selection of our hiking poles are fully adjustable, so you can set the length to the perfect height, allowing for a comfortable and efficient stride. Whether you're an experienced hiker or a beginner, you'll find the perfect hiking companion in our range of poles.

Shop our selection of hiking poles today and get ready for your next great adventure.


What is the difference between hiking poles and trekking poles?

Hiking poles are short, lightweight sticks that provide support while walking on flat terrain. Trekking poles are longer and more adjustable than hiking poles and are more commonly used as pairs than a single hiking pole. You can find both walking poles and trekking poles here at Wood To Water – so take a look.

Are folding trekking poles better than standard poles?

Foldable or collapsible poles offer the same levels of durability, but you'll find folding poles much more convenient for packing and storing.

What is the best length for walking poles?

Adjust your walking pole length so that the tip of your pole falls in line with your foot on the ground and your hand holds the handle with your elbow sitting at a 90 degree angle.

Do hiking poles really help when hiking?

Yes! Many hikers and walkers find they can reduce fatigue and help with balance on difficult terrain. Hiking poles are also great for reducing the impact on your joints, making them a must-have for any camper or hiker.