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Upgrade your camping kit with a DD Hammock tent from our specially selected range. You’ll find some of the best DD Hammock tents, including the SuperLight series and mesh inner tents to create the ultimate shelter for your next camping trip. Shop the selection below.

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A DD Hammocks tent is the ultimate choice for campers who want a lightweight and comfortable shelter in the great outdoors. With their innovative design and high-quality construction, these tents provide the perfect combination of protection and comfort.

In our range, you'll find everything from complete tent setups to durable mesh inners that can be used with tarps and outers or by themselves. Explore the collection to find your ultimate, lightweight shelter.

Durable and lightweight Tent Materials for Ultimate Performance

Having a lightweight tent in your kit is ideal for solo trips and multi-day backpacking hikes when the weight of your pack is crucial for making your expedition comfortable. DD Hammocks tents are made from durable and lightweight materials that keep you warm and protected – no matter the weather.

If you're looking for a tent that's lightweight, pitches quickly and made from top-quality material, we recommend the DD SuperLight Pathfinder tent. This tent is perfect for two-person camping adventures and weighs only 640g! Use it over the DD Superlight Pathfinder Mesh Inner for a full bug and storm-proof shelter.

The Best DD Hammocks Tents for All Weathers

One of the things that campers love about DD Hammocks products is the ability to choose between a mesh tent and a tarp tent with full insulation. Its range of tents is incredibly versatile with options for all kinds of weather conditions. Rain or shine, DD Hammocks will have you covered!

If you're a summer camper and want to stargaze after a long hike along the trail, the DD Superlight Pyramid Mesh tent is great. Much more than just an inner lining, this mesh tent can be used by itself as a day shelter to simply protect you from bugs or as a place to sleep on a warm summer night. It’s also a part of the DD SuperLight series and only weighs 565g, so it’s excellent for travelling light.

If you need a tent to protect you from all weather conditions, the DD Hammocks Tipi Tent is an ideal choice. Waterproof rated to 3000 mm with sealed seams, there's no risk of getting wet inside this tent. This tent is fully storm-proof, so you don’t have to let the weather stop you from enjoying the great outdoors!

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Explore our range of DD Hammocks tents and upgrade your camping kit today! These are some of the best tents for camping on the market and are sure to make your outdoor experience even better.

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What Types Of Tents Are Available in the DD Hammocks Range?

Our DD Hammocks tents range includes frame, pyramid, tipi, and mesh tents. We also stock a selection of the renowned SuperLight tent series, including the DD SuperLight Tarp Tent.

What is the Difference Between Regular DD Tents and the DD SuperLight Tents?

As the name suggests, the DD SuperLight tents are much more lightweight than regular DD Hammocks tents and a lot of other kit on the market. They’re made from single-layered ripstop nylon, making these tents so lightweight and durable. We recommend these tents for hiking, backpacking, bikepacking, and 1 or 2-person camping trips.

What is Unique About DD Hammocks Tents?

DD Hammocks tents are both lightweight and durable, making them ideal for backpacking and solo trips. They also provide excellent protection from the weather while being comfortable and easy to pitch, often using your hiking poles to keep weight down. The SuperLight series has some of the best lightweight tents on the market, offering fantastic weather protection in a package that won’t weigh down your gear.

Can DD Hammocks Tents Be Used In All Weather Conditions?

Yes, depending on the type of tent you choose. Tents like the DD Hammocks Tipi are fully storm-proof with a waterproof rating of 3000mm and sealed seams, making them suitable for use in all weather conditions. The mesh tents are not suitable for all weather conditions when used on their own, but they can be used with tarps and outers for added protection.

Can I Sleep With Just the Mesh DD Hammocks Tents?

Yes, the DD SuperLight Pyramid Mesh tent is perfect for summer camping experiences where you want to sleep under the stars while also providing protection from bugs. You can also use it as a day shelter to keep bugs away while admiring views.