3 or More Man tents

Whether you’re looking for a tent for a wild camping trip or simply a comfortable tent for a festival, you’re in the right place!

Check out our extensive range of 3-man tents from top brands for whatever outdoor adventure you’re planning.

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The Best 3-Man Tents for Every Camping Trip

There are many reasons why you might be looking for a 3-berth tent. Whether you're trying to fit you and your friends into one tent for a festival or embark on a solo camping trip, we have the ideal tent for your adventure.

Quick-to-Pitch Tents

One of the most important things you want to consider when looking for tents for camping is the time it takes to pitch it. Thankfully, there are some brilliant 3 man tents that are super easy to pitch.

The Naturehike Automatic 3 Man Quick Pitch Tent is a great option that's easy to put up – whether there are three of you or just one.

3 Man Tents With Plenty of Space

Our range of 3-man tents includes multiple styles, offering lots of space for all your kit, such as the Vango Helvellyn 300.

You'll find large tents that are roomy enough to comfortably fit 3 campers inside while still leaving room for your camping gear.

Shop from top brands like 3Fulgear, Highlander and Naturehike in our range for the best 3-man tents around.


Is a 3 Man Tent Too Heavy for a Solo Camper?

As a general rule, a tent that you are going to be wearing on your back should be no more than 3kg.

This weight is purely a guide, and the method of transportation during the day will have an effect on the weight of the tent you choose. For example, if you are camping at a festival, you might be okay with a slightly heavier tent as you won't be transporting it regularly.

What Size Tent is Big Enough for 3 People?

Instead of going by the number on the tent, a general rule of thumb is to allow at least 20 square feet of space for each adult who’ll be sleeping in the tent. This will provide ample space for people and luggage. However, most 3-man tents are designed specifically to fit 3 people, so you should be fine!

How Many People Can Fit into a 3-Man Tent?

Most 3-man tents will fit 3 adults inside; however, all tents are manufactured to different sizes, so it'll be best to check the size before you buy.

Can an Air Mattress Fit into a 3-Man Tent?

Depending on the size of the air mattress, yes, you can fit one into a three-man tent. The size of the air mattress will dictate how much room you have for your kit and other campers. The bigger the air mattress, or the more air mattresses you have, the less room there will be.