Cool Bags

Our range of the best cool boxes and cool bags are heavy-duty boxes that are capable of keeping your food fresh for days!

Our camping cool boxes and bags come in various sizes to accommodate any of your camping needs. Whether for camping trips, days out, or even keeping food stored at home – we have the perfect solution for you!

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Cool Boxes

Melted ice is a thing of the past! Our range of the best camping cool boxes and bags pair perfectly with a camping fridge to give you all-around cooling solutions to keep your food and drinks perfectly fresh.


The Petromax Cooler uses special insulation technology to keep your food at a consistent temperature, so it remains fresh and cool even in the harshest camping conditions, without the need for electricity.


Our cool boxes are available in various sizes to accommodate any needs you may have, including camping trips, days out, or just keeping food stored at home. Eyelets make the addition of carabiners easy and accessible for travel.


Our products offer you the perfect cool box for camping, protecting your goods safe and drinking cool from the outside temperature and offering UV protection.


Additions of freezer blocks or ice packs help regulate cold air and keep products actively cool without needing an external power source.


Our cool bags are great for those longer camping trips, so you can enjoy your drinks chilled - thanks to expert insulation - no matter how far you stray from your campsite!




How Do I Keep My Cool Box Cold When Camping?

Our range of camping coolers use special technology and insulation to sustain your food and drinks. Our coolers run cold without the use of a car battery or external electrical power source.

Is An Electric Cool Box Better?

Our products are high-quality cool boxes with the capability to keep food cool for up to 6 days, without the requirement for batteries!

Electric coolers do offer high-performance cooling, perfect for keeping drinks cold and food fresh. Find the best cool box for your needs right here at Wood To Water.

How To Pack A Camping Cool Box?

Freeze ice packs or freezer blocks and place them at the bottom of your cool bag or box. Layer with frozen goods on top, then move up to chilled food and drinks to maintain a low internal ambient temperature to last longer road trips.

Is A Cool Bag Better Than A Cool Box?

A cool box tends to sit on the heavier side compared to a cool bag. We stock a range of cool bags with various sizes to give you the flexibility to be lightweight whilst fitting all your chilled goods to last your camping trip, without the need for electricity or mini fridge.

Are Cool Boxes As Good As A Mini Fridge?

In the world of camping, coolers work in the same way as your home fridge. Insulation technology is designed to store and chill food and drinks to last a short picnic, up to a 6 day campsite stay.

Shop our Petromax cooler bags to find the ideal camping cool bag for your next family trip.