Liquid Fuel Stoves

Explore our selection of liquid fuel stoves, perfect for outdoor trips. From burners to alcohol stoves, Trangia stoves multi-fuel cookers you’ll find everything you need to make your camping experience one to remember!

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Why Choose A Liquid Fuel Stove?

Liquid fuel stoves run off a liquid fuel system, similar to their gas counterparts, they can use a range of liquids that are then pressurised and burned to give you a steady stream of heat for cooking, boiling water or even just keeping yourself warm! Campers choose liquid fuel stoves because they are a reliable, safe and efficient way to cook while camping. They provide you with control over the flames and heat output making them great at boiling water quickly and evenly. Furthermore, liquid fuel stoves are ideal for any type of camping trip as they are lightweight and compact compared to other stoves, making them easy to pack and transport.

Types of Liquid Fuel Stoves

Multi-fuel and alcohol stoves are the two main types of liquid fuel stoves. Multi-fuel stoves are designed to run on white gas or kerosene, while alcohol stoves are designed to run on denatured alcohol or ethanol. They use a pressurised fuel tank which contains the fuel and a valve system to regulate the flow of fuel to the burner. This type of stove is more efficient than an alcohol stove as it burns hotter. Alcohol stoves, on the other hand, are much lighter than multi-fuel stoves and are better suited to backpacking trips. They use a wick system to regulate the fuel flow, burning cooler than multi-fuel stoves and using less fuel. Whichever type of stove you choose, they are both easy to use and maintain and will provide you with a safe and reliable source of heat for cooking wherever your travels take you!