Dehydrated Camping / Expedition Meals

For those looking to enjoy delicious, nutritious meals on their next camping or expedition trip, Wood To Water has the perfect solution: dehydrated expedition packs!

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Dehydrated Expedition and Camping Meals

Just add water! Our range of dehydrated expedition packs provides a convenient way to enjoy delicious meals during your outdoor excursions – and we have tons of options for you to enjoy!

Experience the expert technology of Bla Band, the leading Swedish brand whose dehydrating genius dates back to the Second World War! We also stock top brands like Summit To Eat and Firepot, offering plenty of options.

No one is left out! Wood To Water's range of meals is stocked with inclusivity and dietary requirements in mind. Our gluten-free, vegan and lacto-free options are equally delicious and guaranteed to provide you with a hearty meal while on the go.

Prepare delicious one-pot camping meals with just a portable water-boiling stove and a simple sachet for energy and nutrition anywhere and everywhere.

Shop Wood To Water's range today and enjoy gourmet food on your next hiking or camping trip!


What is the best food to bring camping?

The best food to bring camping depends on your individual taste and preferences. However, dehydrated expedition meals are a great option for campers as they offer easy packing solutions with minimum energy and ingredients needed for cooking outdoors.

What foods don't need refrigeration?

Hot dogs and cheddar cheese or a one-pot pasta may sound delicious, but they're just not practical for outdoor travel. Dehydrated camping meals are a smart solution. With no need for refrigeration, you can carry the nutrition of grilled corn or a vegan salad in one easy sachet, keeping you fuelled and ready for any survival task.

How to cook easy meals whilst camping?

Dehydrated camping meals are the best way to quickly and easily cook delicious meals while camping. You only need a portable water-boiling unit and a sachet of your favourite meal from Wood To Water! Shop now for a range of delicious recipes, and just add water!

Can you keep food in your tent?

Keeping fresh food in your tent is not recommended. Not only do you lack a source of refrigeration, but you can attract unwanted wildlife to your tent, which can put you in potential danger. Opting for dehydrated survival meals is a great way of getting in necessary nutrition whilst on the go, without the need to carry and store fresh food.