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Check out our awesome range of Firepot Food packets today and add them to your camping and outdoor kit! Our selection is packed with deliciously hearty meals that’ll not only provide you with the calories you need but also make your camping trips a whole lot tastier!

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Firepot Food Camping Essentials

Founded 6 years ago by a couple of adventurers, Firepot was created on the idea of bringing delicious, slow-cooked, natural food to the outdoors.

They couldn't find a hearty meal that enticed their tastebuds without weighing them down. So, t
hey decided to make their own in a Dorset barn,  producing lightweight and easy-to-use food that can be enjoyed by just adding water.

Firepot Meals Range

Our range of Firepot packs boasts a huge variety of flavours and nutritional needs. From smoky tomato paella for vegan and gluten-free hikers to chilli con carne and rice for those in need of comfort food, there's something for everyone.

We haven't forgotten breakfast either with the Firepot
baked apple porridge, made with organic porridge oats, demerara sugar, lemon juice, and cinnamon for a hearty, delicious start to the day.

The Firepot dehydrated meals are perfect for a multi-day hike, and the freeze-drying process means there aren't any harmful preservatives, just
healthy, nutritious meals that are super easy to make after a long day.

Stock up on
camping tableware and cutlery to serve your Firepot meals, and you'll be ready for any outdoor adventure.

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How Do You Cook Dehydrated Meals?
It's super simple and easy to cook a Firepot packet. All you need to do it boil some water on your camping stove, tear the top off the packet, and fill with boiling water to the fill line. Give the meal a stir and close the packet using the zip-lock top. Let the meal sit for 15 minutes while the water does its stuff, give it a final stir and enjoy!
Are Firepot Meals Nutritionally Balanced?
All the meals in our Firepot range have been designed to provide you with enough calories and nutrients to give you bags of energy for a full day of walking. To provide enough energy, Firepot pouches contain high-energy ingredients such as basmati rice, potato, pearl barley, and beans. To keep things nutritious, they also contain plenty of vitamins and minerals from chestnut mushrooms, spinach, carrot, onion, pork, and more.
What Cooking Equipment Do I Need to Take Camping?
In order to be able to make hot meals and drinks, the most important thing you need is a camping stove and a pot or kettle. This will allow you to heat water and meals. You can also boil water from questionable sources to keep you healthy without the need for filters.
Are Firepot Dehydrated Meals Good for the Environment?
Absolutely. Every Firepot pouch is made from compostable packaging, which can help protect the community where you're camping. There are also plenty of eco-friendly food options, such as the vegan orzo bolognese or chilli non carne, to help reduce your carbon footprint.