Fire Maple Gear

Fire Maple has been producing top-quality, budget-friendly camping and hiking cookware since 2003. Their products include lightweight gas stoves and complete cooking sets that make a fantastic addition to your outdoor gear collection.

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Why Choose Fire Maple Gear?

Fire Maple believes cooking in the great outdoors should be as easy and delicious as indoors, and it's all made possible with their range of outdoor cooking equipment.

The brand's connections to food are personal and collective, extending across histories, cultures and time, so you know that their products will stand the test of time.

All Fire Maple gear has been tested in the harshest environments and has been internationally recognised and awarded 3 times with the best-in-class Gold Medal Awards.

High-Quality Camping Cooking Equipment

At Wood To Water, we have an excellent selection of camp cooking gear from Fire Maple designed to help you make fantastic, tasty and healthy meals whilst on your camping trips.

Our range includes camping stoves, cooking stove systems, fire starters and much more. Everything you need for a successful camping cooking experience!

Shop our collection of Fire Maple cooking equipment today!


What Gas is Compatible with Fire Maple?

Most Fire Maple cooking systems and camping stoves are compatible with propane-butane, but it's important to check the individual product description to ensure.

What Cooking Equipment Do I Need to Take Camping?

You'll want to take a camping stove, pots and pans, dishes, utensils and any other bits and pieces for food preparation. You'll also need to make sure you have fuel for your stove, like a gas canister for a gas stove.

Can You Light a Gas Burner with a Match?

Ideally, you should light your gas burner with a Fire starter, as this is the safest way to light it.

What are the Best Pots to Use on a Gas Stove?

Cast iron is one of the best materials on a gas stove as it distributes heat evenly and is very durable.