Camping Gas & Fuel

Ensure you have all the cooking fuel you need for your camping trip with our wide selection of fuel types. From propane and butane gas canisters to fuel pots and tablets, we have everything you need to keep your camping stove burning. Shop the selection today to fuel your next adventure.

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Camping Gas & Solid Fuel from Jetboil, Optimus & More

Our range of camping gas and fuel includes a great selection of camping gas canisters, fuel tablets, and accessories suitable for your camping stoves.

Whether you're planning on taking a portable stove or simply want to cook over an open fire, we have everything you need to keep your camp kitchen running smoothly. Our selection includes products from top brands such as Highlander, GS1, Optimus, and Jetboil, offering long-lasting, reliable performance.

Consistent, Powerful & long-Lasting Camping Gas Canisters

We have a great choice of powerful and consistent gas canisters compatible with various gas stoves, including MSR and Jetboil stoves.

One of our most popular gas cartridges is the Jetboil 230g JetPower Fuel. Jetboil is one of the top rated outdoor brands , and their JetPower Fuel comes with the top performance you’d expect. This canister contains a fuel mix of isobutane and propane to provide reliable, powerful heat. The propane is ideal for providing a higher pressure, which results in better performance in colder conditions, while the isobutane ensures a constant pressure even when the fuel level gets low.

The Best Solid Fuel for Camping Stoves & Cookers

Our range also includes a variety of solid fuel options, including briquettes, charcoal and tablets suitable for many camping cookers and stoves.

The Solid Hexamine Fuel Tablets from Kombat UK are an ideal solid fuel source. These tablets are compatible with portable solid fuel cookers, which is great for wild campers.

The Petromax Cabix Plus Briquettes are one of our most popular options for fueling BBQs and Dutch ovens. They’re made from natural resources, so they’re a great eco-friendly and CO2-neutral alternative to regular briquettes. Plus, they have a burning time of up to 4 hours, which is plenty of time to cook your meal!

Shop our selection of solid fuel and camping gas to help keep your camping stove hot no matter where you're camping.

Check out our range of camping stoves to upgrade your cookware kit!


What Types of Camping Fuel Are Available?

We offer a diverse range of camping fuel options, including:

  • Isobutane gas canisters
  • IsoPro fuel canisters
  • Butane, isobutane & propane fuel mix canisters
  • Eco-friendly briquettes
  • Fire gel
  • Hexamine fuel tablets
  • Charcoal
What Brands of Camping Gas and Fuel Do You Stock?

Our stock includes a wide range of trusted names like Highlander, GS1, Jetboil, Kombat, Petromax, and MSR. We’ve selected these brands for their quality and reliability, so you can be sure that these fuel sources will produce a consistent flame and reliable heat.

Why is a Fuel Mix Better Than Single Fuel Canisters?

A fuel mix like IsoPro (isobutane and propane) provides a more reliable and versatile cooking experience than single-fuel canisters. The propane component gives a higher pressure, which is great for colder conditions, while the isobutane ensures consistent pressure even as the fuel level decreases. This combination allows for efficient fuel usage throughout the lifespan of the canister, ensuring that your camping stove performs optimally in various weather conditions.

Do You Have Eco-Friendly Solid Camping Fuel?

Yes, our range includes eco-friendly and sustainable solid fuel options, such as the highly reliable and versatile Kombat Solid Hexamine Tablets, are not only safe and eco-friendly but also crafted from non-toxic fuel sources. These tablets are designed to provide a consistent and clean burn, ensuring optimal performance in various outdoor and survival scenarios.