GSI outdoors

Founders and siblings Don, Ian, and Kathy Scott are no strangers to adventure: The Scotts spent their childhoods exploring British Columbia before founding GSI Outdoors in 1985.

Now headquartered in Spokane, Washington, in the beautiful Rocky Mountain foothills of the Inland Northwest, GSI Outdoors remains family-owned and steadfastly committed to creating thoughtful and innovative gear valued and trusted by Wood To Water. Read More

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Why We Chose GSI

GSI Outdoors have dedicated its business to creating high-quality, technical but fun outdoor cookware. GSI products provide reliability to consumers whilst enhancing camping trips around the world with enjoyable, easy-to-use products.

GSI Outdoors Camping Cook Sets

GSI camping cookware and eat set ranges provide you with everything you need to create a memorable outdoor feast. The Glacier Stainless Cook And Eat Set are cleverly designed with specialist details to create a product with ease and practicality at its forefront. The nFORM Crossover System features an integrated strainer, attached grippers insulated mugs and a welded sink for high-performance items to help you create and enjoy great food.

GSI Glacier Camp Stoves And Power

GSI camp stoves are manufactured with fast, reliable and safe cooking in mind. Paired with stove and cooker fuel, The Glacier Camp Stove is the burner to support all large cookware in a timely fashion.


What are GSI Outdoors products made from?
From stainless steel and cast iron pans to collapsible silicone and nylon utensils, GSI Outdoors' products are made from a range of materials to simplify and elevate your outdoor cooking experience.
Is GSI cookware dishwasher safe?
GSI Outdoors cookware premium stainless steel construction is fully-recyclable, free of BPA, PFOA and Phthalates, and completely dishwasher safe.
Where is GSI Outdoors based?
Based in Spokane WA, west of the Rocky Mountains and south of the Canadian border, founders Don, Ian and Kathy have their passions rooted in outdoor adventure. We stock GSI Outdoor products with their vast knowledge and revolutionary ideas in mind.