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For more than a century, Optimus has become a reputable name in outdoor stoves that can be depended on time again. We stock a wide range of Optimus stoves and cooking equipment, perfect for campers who want a top-quality camping cooking experience.

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At Wood To Water, we stock a superb selection of stylish outdoor cooking gear from Optimus that'll have you cooking up a storm on your upcoming adventure in no time at all!

Founded in Stockholm in 1899, the company has continuously set technical standards for camping stoves. It has even won numerous awards and has been a successful part of innumerable expeditions.

The Optimus gas, multifuel and hybrid stoves are a firm favourite with many outdoor enthusiasts – and for a good reason! The brand continuously re-engineers its camping stoves, always searching to improve its high-performance models and provide you with even better cooking quality and efficiency.

Our selection of Optimus stoves includes some of the brand's best-selling and campers' most favourite stove models, as well as a whole array of cooking accessories, so you can truly get the most out of your camping experience.

Shop our selection of Optimus products today to get yourself prepared and ready for your next trip!


Are Optimus stoves reliable?

Optimus has achieved cult status amongst the camping community, all thanks to its reliable and versatile stoves. The brand is renowned for the quality of its products, so you can trust that your stove will last you multiple trips, and produce some pretty tasty meals, too!

Which Optimus stove is the best?

One of the standout stoves from the Optimus name includes the Polaris OptiFuel Tactical Multi-fuel Stove. This award-winning stove is compatible with various fuel types, including white gas, jet fuel and kerosene, and has an average burn time of 100 minutes – the perfect choice for long trips.

What type of camping stoves does Optimus make?

Optimus manufacture a wide range of camping stoves, from multi-fuel stoves to backpacker-friendly lite models. You can take a look at our full selection above and choose the model best suited to your expedition.

What is a multi-fuel camping stove?

A multi-fuel camping stove is exactly as the name sounds – it can operate on multiple fuel sources. They're ideal for campers who want the flexibility to use whatever fuel is available.