Dry Bags

Wet gear makes for a tough and heavy hike. What’s worse is wet sleeping bags or damaged electricals. Storing kits in affordable waterproof options has never been easier with Wood To Water’s dry bag and dry sack range. Find a great bag for all purposes by shopping our range here!

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Waterproof Dry Bags

Our range of dry bags sits at a reasonable price, offering you affordable, sturdy and suitable backpack solutions.


Our lightweight waterproof material offers protection and emergency solutions for any adventure. Check out the Snugpak Dr-Saks for bags that protect, as well as inflate or hold water to provide an emergency pillow or water bladder solution!


We also have a range of thicker waterproof variants, suitable for harsher conditions. We offer dry bag solutions in various sizes - from small enough to fit a single pair of shoes and up to large enough for your sleeping bag and other camping gear.


The 3F Ul Gear Compression Stuff Sacks perfectly accompany all your equipment to stay dry.


Pack your Naturehike waterproof jacket, sleeping bags or even laptop and camera or valuables in a secure, small volume without the need for an air pump.



What Is The Best Way To Keep Camping Gear Dry?

Dry bags are the ultimate solution to maintaining and keeping kit dry whilst camping, walking, hiking or even at the beach. Wood To Water's range of dry bags and dry sacks offer a comfortable solution for protecting your gear from water, sand or dirt.

What Is The Difference Between Dry Bags And Waterproof Bags?

Dry Bags are a specific type of waterproof bag that is designed to be completely watertight, allowing you to submerge them in water without damaging valuables.

Overall, dry bags are more heavy duty and suited to wet weather and environments. We stock durable, quality dry bags. Shop our range to find a great option to add to your camping checklist.

Best Material For Dry Bags?

Nylon and polyester are ideal waterproof dry bag materials. The properties of polyester make it completely hydrophobic, repelling water to make an effective dry bag.

BCB Ultralight dry bags are also lined with PU and silicon to fully repel water.

Do Dry Bags Have Welded Seams?

Waterproof tape seams and welded seams are ideal features to look for when considering waterproof gear and a great bag design.

A number of our dry bag stock include waterproof taped seams for secure and protected gear whilst saving space and money.

How Do Waterproof Dry Bags Protect Gear?

Completely waterproof dry bag design keeps out water and damp, as well as sand and dirt - perfect for outdoor adventures and beach trips. Our dry bags pair with your favourite waterproof jacket to offer you a dry and durable kit at an affordable price.