Water Filters and Purification

We stock a range of water filters, bottles and purification tablets to ensure your camping or travel experience is as safe and enjoyable as possible.

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Camping Water Filters & Carriers

Whatever adventure you are embarking on, having a reliable source of fresh water is essential for a safe, comfortable trip. We have water filters that are specially designed to make water fit for drinking, water carriers for easy storage and transportation and purification tablets so you can have peace of mind that your water is safe to drink.

Water Bottles

Carrying a water bottle by side during hiking trips means you are never far away from quenching your thirst! Our lightweight water bottles are easy to carry and make sure you have plenty of water to go around.

Water Purification Tablets

Keep bacteria at bay by storing a healthy quantity of water purification tablets. These water treatments make water safe to drink without the need for boiling or waiting long periods of time, making them ideal for camping. Whatever your water needs for your next camping trip, Wood To Water has you covered!