Camping Lights & Lanterns

Don’t let the light stop your adventure! We have a wide range of lighting equipment, from basic camping lanterns for cosy family campfires to focusable lights for cave or forest exploration.

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Camping Lights & Lanterns

We stock LED light sticks that offer energy-efficient solutions for any outdoor activity, providing bright light without consuming much battery power. Camping head torches provide hands-free lighting and make it easier to work in the dark.


Flashlights provide more intense beams of light that can reach farther distances in the darkness for the experienced customer.


Choose from our range of camping lanterns that provide soft, ambient light for gathering around the campfire and conversing with friends. Focusable lights are great for illuminating areas that you can’t reach easily in dark places like caves or forests.


These products pair perfectly with a lantern reflector to push your lantern potential and illuminate your camping set-up and tents.


From basic lanterns to a head torch and focusable lights, our lighting equipment will ensure you never miss out on the adventures that come alive at night.


Plus, we have a range of batteries for your head torches, light sticks and other camping lights so that you can always stay charged up and ready to explore!


What Is The Best Camping Light?

The best camping light depends on your needs and the activity you’re doing. LED light sticks are a great, energy-efficient option for general outdoor activities requiring a long running time. Gear junkie rated the UCO Original Lantern as one of the best camping lanterns of 2023. Click here to purchase!

How Do You Light Up A Tent?

Lantern reflectors are the perfect solution for lighting up tents. Place your lantern on the centre of your tent and attach a reflector around the top of your candle lantern to illuminate your tent space, whether it be for an emergency or campsite party. It's also a good idea to have a camping light near your sleeping bags, too, should you need to get up at night.

How Many Lumens Are Needed For A Camping Light?

For camping lanterns, it's generally recommended to use a light with at least 100 lumens. However, for focusable lights like flashlights, you'll need something with at least 400 lumens to get the most out of your lighting. We stock the Trustfire Magnetic Flashlight, with a whopping 2500 lumens for high-performance lighting.

What Lights Do I Need For A Camping Trip?

Depending on the type of trip you're planning, standard lanterns, flashlights and string lights are the best options for a family camping trip to light the way and offer a cosy living space. Experienced campers and hikers may find more advanced lighting accessories worth the investment.

Rechargeable, Wind Up Or Battery Camping Lights?

The type of light depends on the needs of your camping trip. Rechargeable lights are great for extended trips where you can access power sources, wind up lights offer reliable light no matter the situation and battery powered options allow you to replace them quickly (but require a consistent supply).