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How to keep your tent dry in the rain


Camping in the rain isn’t always a pleasant experience. There’s nothing worse than waking up in a pool of water and then having to spend the day in soggy clothes. Luckily, with a little preparation, you should be able to keep your tent dry in even the harshest of weather. Here are a few tips for keeping the rain at bay.

1. Don’t forget your groundsheet

When it comes to camping in the rain, a groundsheet is your most important piece of equipment. A groundsheet sits under your tent, forming a waterproof barrier between the inside of your tent and the ground. A properly installed groundsheet will allow rainwater to flow under or around the tent instead of seeping into the interior. If you don’t have a groundsheet, try using a waterproof tarp as an alternative. The tarp should be bigger than the tent, but you should fold the edges under your tent to prevent the pooling of water at the corners.

2. Think about the angle of your tent

When setting up your tent, you can use angles to your advantage. Putting your tent on a slight slant will cause rainwater to run around it rather than collecting underneath. If there is a strong wind, you should point the entrance of your tent away from it to prevent rainwater from blowing in.

3. Leave your fire burning

If possible, you should leave your campfire burning on rainy nights. Set up a nearby tarp to prevent the rain from putting out the fire. The fire will not only provide heat and warmth throughout the night, but will help to evaporate excess water that has collected nearby.

4. Consider a hammock

This is an extreme solution, but it’s worth remembering that a tent is not your only camping option. If you find yourself camping in a spot where the ground is completely saturated, a hammock might be your best option for keeping dry. If you’re planning to spend the night in a hammock, remember to wrap up warm, wear waterproof clothing, and keep your gear above the ground as well.

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