Tent Pegs & Poles

At Wood To Water, we stock a range of tent pegs, replacement tarps and hammock poles to help you keep your tent secure.

Whether you’re camping in a tent, hammock or tarp shelter, we stock only the top brands which include DD Hammocks, Highlander and Naturehike.

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Spare Tent Pegs

You'll need tent pegs to secure your tent, tarp or hammock to the ground and the right tent peg will ensure it stays in place - especially during inclement weather.

Make sure you choose tent pegs that are made from strong, durable materials such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Packing some spare tent pegs will ensure you're always prepared for any situation - after all, tent pegs can be broken if they hit rocks or other hard surfaces.

Replacement Hammock Poles

If you've damaged your hammock or tarp poles - we stock a range of replacement poles so you can replace them easily.

Our hammock replacement pole range features strong and durable poles that can hold up in the toughest conditions. Most brands design them from lightweight materials such as carbon, aluminium and stainless steel - so you know you're getting a reliable product for your tent or tarp shelter.

No matter what tent, hammock or tarp spares you need, Wood To Water is the tent and camping experts who have you covered.

Browse our range of tent pegs, replacement tarp and hammock poles today to find the perfect accessory for your camping tents to keep you safe and secure during your next adventure.