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If you’re looking for great value, lightweight outdoor gear with a high star rating, you can’t go wrong with Highlander!

Browse our wide range of Highlander products to find the perfect addition to your outdoor equipment.

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The Best Highlander Tent for any Camping Trip

Highlander is one of the leading brands of outdoor gear that's sure to stand the test of time. Not only are these tents available for a great price, but they also come with incredibly high ratings to help you know exactly what you're buying.

Despite the incredible durability of these camping tents, they're light enough to pack for a day's worth of hiking or backpacking.

1, 2, & 3 Man Highlander Tents

One of the most incredible things about the Highlander brand is its wide range of tent sizes.

If you're solo camping, Highlander offers the Blackthorn 1 Lightweight Solo Backpacking Tent. This is a great tent that's lightweight and comes in a convenient pack size. There are also multiple colours to choose from depending on whether you want to blend in or stand out from your surroundings.

If you're camping in a small group of 2, or want some extra space in your tent to stretch out and store your rucksacks, the Blackthorn 1 XL Lightweight Tent and Highlander Birch 3 Person Tent are ideal.

Both of these tents have ample space for solo camping or a couple of campers. The 3 person tent offers a bit more of a storage area for your kit, which helps it get a 5.0-star rating, giving plenty of room for your sleeping bags and other camping accessories.

Quick Pitching Highlander Tents

One of the things that makes Highlander such a popular brand for outdoor gear is the ease at which the tents can be pitched. Whether you're a solo camper or camping in a group, you can have your shelter pitched in no time!

Part of the reason that a Highlander tent is so highly rated is the high-quality fibreglass poles that make up the skeletal support of the tent. Not only are these poles super lightweight, but they also have an incredible ability to resist adverse weather conditions.

You get all of these features without compromising on the time needed to pitch your tent!

Browse our extensive range of tents from Highlander to add a tough, warm, and durable tent to your camping kit.


Are Highlander Tents Good?

Highlander is a well-established brand, and its tents are a popular choice amongst all campers. Many of their tents are highly rated (some receive a fantastic 5/5 stars), making them a great choice for your outdoor adventures.

Where Can You Use Highlander Tents?

Highlander tents are ideal for a whole host of outdoor adventures, whether that's camping, backpacking, hiking, or even festival-going.

What Size Tents Do Highlander Make?

Tents by Highlander come in various sizes, including solo, 2-man and 3-man options. Our collection includes all of these sizes, so you'll be able to find the perfect tent for your next adventure.

Are Highlander Tents Easy to Pitch?

Highlander tents are designed with easy pitching in mind, and they come with a user guide to help you set up camp quickly and efficiently.