Take your camping to the next level with camping hammocks from Wood To Water!

These innovative hammocks are perfect for anyone who loves spending time outdoors. Hammocks are now everywhere in the camping, hiking & backpacking world.

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Benefits Of Camping Hammocks

What are the benefits of hammock camping, and why should you leave the tent behind?

There are many reasons to love hammock camping. For starters, hammocks are incredibly comfortable. They provide a cocoon-like feeling that is perfect for taking a nap or just relaxing after a long day on the trail.

And since they are suspended off the ground, you don't have to worry about getting your sleeping bag dirty or wet - a bonus!

Hammocks are also much lighter and easier to carry than tents, which makes them ideal for backpacking trips. And setting up a hammock is usually quicker and easier than pitching a tent.

But the biggest reason to love hammock camping is that it allows you to camp in places that tents simply can't go. Hammocks can be strung up between trees, rocks, or any other sturdy anchor points.

This opens up a whole world of new camping possibilities, from pitching your hammock high above the forest floor to hanging it between two cars at a crowded campsite.

At Wood To Water, we have a huge selection of camping hammocks for every type of camper. Make your choice from a variety of sizes, colours and materials to find the perfect hammock for your next adventure!


Are camping hammocks worth it? Yes! Camping hammocks are incredibly versatile and comfortable, making them worth the investment for many campers. Plus, they're often lighter and more compact than tents, making them ideal for backpacking and other outdoor adventures.
What hammock should I choose for camping? TThere are many different types of camping hammocks available, so it's important to choose one that will fit your needs. If you're looking for a lightweight and compact hammock, consider an ultralight model. If you want a more spacious and comfortable hammock, choose one with a larger capacity.
How do I use a rain tarp with my camping hammock? A rain tarp is a great way to protect yourself from the elements while using your camping hammock. To set up a rain tarp, first, stake out the corners of the tarp. Then, attach the tarp to your hammock using either straps or cords. Finally, guy out the corners of the tarp to provide additional stability.
Is sleeping in a hammock better than sleeping in a tent? There are pros and cons to both sleeping in a hammock and sleeping in a tent. Some people find that hammocks are more comfortable, while others find that tents provide more privacy and security. Hammocks are also much quicker and easier to put up than a tent, so if you're looking for a hassle-free camping option, they may be the way to go. Ultimately, it's up to the individual camper to decide which option is best for them.