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Survival Kits: The Essentials For Any Camping Emergency

Survival Kits The Essentials For Any Camping Emergency

No matter what kind of camping trip you’re planning, you should always be prepared for the unexpected.

A survival kit is essential in any camping emergency. Having the right items on hand can mean the difference between life and death in certain situations.

Whether it’s warmth you need, or emergency food and hydration, Wood To Water stocks a range of must haves to help you survive in the wild. We offer readily available survival kits to cover every camping and exploration situation.

By only stocking the leading brands for every survival must have, you can confidently browse a curated and tested range of products to create your own customised survival gear collection.

Here are our favourite items and why they’re so important!

ProductContentsPriceKey FeaturesDimensions
Highlander Survival KitFlint and hacksaw blade
Button Compass
Wire Saw
10x Plasters
Fishing pack
Waterproof matches and striker
Safety pins
Emergency water carrier
Salt cachet
Razor blade
Emergency whistle
Sewing kit
Vinyl tape
2 cotton balls
Complete in a waterproof case
19 Essential Items
Waterproof Case

BCB Adventure Survival Tin
Extremely Loud Distress Whistle  
LED Micro Torch 
 BCB Survival Instructions 
 Fireball Flint & Striker (with compass) 
Sewing Kit 
Mini Work Tool (knife – wire stripper – wood saw blade – wrenches – bottle & can opener – flat edge screwdriver – ruler – lanyard hole) 
Emergency Silver Blanket
 Waterproof Matches and Cotton Wool Buds 
 Mayday Signalling Mirror 
 Mini Fishing Kit (fishing line – 4 x swivels – 4 x weights – 4 x
£18.50Incredibly Lightweight
Multi-purpose Contents
Instructions + Gadgets For On-The-Go Learning
BCB Ultimate Survival KitWater bag
Nylon cord
Button compass
Flint & Striker
Hack saw blade
Fishing kit
Mini multi-tool
Sewing kit
Purification tablets
Safety pins
Single edge razor
Salt sachets
Signal mirror
Snare wire
Wire saw
Grip lock bag
Survival instructions
£28Waterproof Essentials
Water Purification
Included Instructions
BCB Mountain Survival Tinwater resistant tin
vinyl tape
button compass
purification tablets
snare wire
fireball flint & striker
fishing kit
sewing kit
safety pins
wire saw
signal mirror
tin hanging handle
water bags
single edged razors
adhesive plasters
survival instructions
accident evaluation form
£28Waterproof Tin
Fire Starter Essentials
Signal Mirror And Whistle To Attract Attention
BCB Festival Survival TinGlow in the Dark Whistle, get raving and blow that whistle!
Foil Blanket, stay warm & look spaced out in the evening.
Mini Work Tool, a super tool with bottle opener.
Ear Plugs, when you’ve had enough & need to sleep.
Toothbrush, avoid the curse of bad breath.
Folding Spork, pocket size – 2-in-1 fork & spoon. + Teabag Icl with Wood To Water!
£10Party Essentials That Double Up As Ultimate Survival Essentials
Safety Whistle
Bottle Opener
12cm x 3.5cm x 8.5cm

Hydration And Nutrition With Water Purification And Rations.

Hydration and nutrition are two of the most important factors when it comes to surviving in an emergency. Water is a necessity for life, but finding uncontaminated sources can be tricky when you’re in the wild – that’s why we stock water purification tablets and filters as well as lightweight straws to add to the ultimate lightweight survival kit.

Wood To Water also stocks a huge range of Bla Band dehydrated food packages. Developed with the Swedish military, the leading Swedish survival food brand stocks a wide range of delicious meals, all in easy to pack, easy to use, insulated packaging.

Bla Band also caters to all dietary requirements! Vegans, veggies, lactose and gluten free campers, fear not. No matter who you are or where you get caught, this emergency survival kit essential makes the perfect companion.

Camping hydration
Survival Kits: The Essentials For Any Camping Emergency

Navigating The Wild: Maps And Compasses

Navigation is key when it comes to surviving in the wild. We stock a selection of maps and compasses that are specifically designed with outdoor adventurers in mind.

A UST Deluxe Map Compass is sure to guide you out of any sticky situation. Its hi-vis design makes it hard to lose and adds to your overall visibility. Buy now with a two-year warranty for safe searching in the wild!

On top of this we also stock emergency whistles – ideal for attracting attention in a dangerous predicament. Paired perfectly with the Garmin inReach Mini, thrill seekers can maintain contact anywhere and everywhere to ensure safety and broadcast locations if an accident is to happen.

First Aid And Medical Preparation

Having the right medical supplies on hand can save lives in an emergency. Wood To Water stocks a range of first aid and medical preparation kits, as well as fire starters and wilderness repair items.

The Kombat UK small first aid kit comprises the most essential items for safety on the go. Whether you are up a mountain or on a family campsite, this must-have kit will save the day and offer everything to prepare you for outdoor accidents.

Reflective ponchos are easy to pack and lightweight, as well as being a necessary essential for your next wilderness adventure. Recovery ponchos and blankets are great for easing shock and maintaining calm and composure in those waiting for medical help.

UST Learn and Live cards are a great way to become more familiar with first aid must-haves and crucial practices to know for bushcraft and survival safety. Shop now and prepare your survival kit in time for your next adventure.

Tools And Multipurpose Must Haves

The survival gear necessity for outdoor emergencies is a selection of tools and multitools. 

A Whitby Multi-Knife is versatile, lightweight and easily foldable for safety as well as legal to carry in the UK. A multi-purpose knife is great for aiding any tricky situation. Blades can also double up to whittle and provide useful sticks for fire-lighting, providing warmth when it’s most needed.

Speaking of warmth, Wood To Water’s variety of fire starter essentials are ideal for those exploring the wild camping scene, as well as those looking for easy fire-lighting essentials for toasting marshmallows on a cosy campsite evening.

We recommend a strong and durable metal fire-lighter for longevity, allowing you to be ready for emergency situations on trips for years to come.

The UCO survival fire starter features a Ferrocerium rod capable of 20,000+ strikes, making it a survival kit must-have that serves you on all your outdoor adventures.

Camping survival
Survival Kits: The Essentials For Any Camping Emergency

Clothing And Personal Protection: Layers, Footwear And Insect Repellents

A true outdoorsman never forgets their layers and we have the right clothing and protection for when things heat up – or cool down.

From lightweight hats and gloves to breathable base layers and thermal underwear, our range is designed with comfort in mind as well as providing warmth. Our range of waterproofs and insulated sleeping bags can keep you dry and comfortable whatever the weather.

Wood To Water’s selection of boots provides a great fit and necessary waterproofing for when nature comes calling. As well as keeping you well insulated and dry, the boots we stock are designed with durability and protection in mind.

Finally, what can stop a bushcraft expert in their tracks? Try a bug bite or two, or three or 30. If you’re often a delicious dinner for mosquitoes, go Incognito with the must-have natural insect repellent. This trusty spray masks your natural smell that attracts ticks, mosquitoes and more.

Whatever you plan for your next adventure ensure you’re ready for anything with a survival kit from Wood To Water!


What Should Every Survival Kit Have?

Every survival kit should include a selection of essential items such as water purification and filtration items and nutrition products. Navigation tools such as maps and compasses, as well as a variety of first aid and insulation are essentials to keep safe and warm.

What Should Be In A Fire Starter Kit?

A fire starter kit should include a range of items such as lighters, tinder boxes and waterproof matches. You may also like to add in Vaseline or petroleum products to help your fire light and stay lit.

What Is Most Important In A Survival Kit?

Food and water are the essentials you must be guaranteed to survive in an emergency. Make sure to pack enough for your expected trip length and know where you can source more if necessary.

Also, ensure that you have access to the right equipment, such as dehydrated food packs and water purifiers for when drinkable water and fresh food is scarce.

How To Stop Mosquitoes?

Natural oils and sprays are ideal for masking your scent and avoiding mosquitoes on summer camping trips. Add these to your survival kit for the perfect addition to your outdoor adventure preparation.

How Do I Navigate In An Emergency?

Maps and compasses are the two most important tools to help you navigate while in an emergency. Make sure to have these essential items on hand and know how to read them before leaving for a trip or hike.

Contact gadgets are great for letting people know your location when you get lost, for that extra safety net in your survival gear.

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