Camping Socks, Wet Shoes & Shoelaces

There’s nothing worse than having cold or wet feet whilst camping or hiking, so it pays to invest in a quality pair of hiking socks. We stock a wide range of thermal socks and shoelaces from top brands such as Highlander, Lock Laces and Naturehike.

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Thermal Hiking Socks

If you're looking to keep your feet warm and comfortable, then a decent pair of hiking socks is essential! Thermal camping socks are designed to keep your feet warm in cold weather conditions and prevent them from sweating. They provide a great level of insulation and breathability and come in a range of sizes.

Wet Shoes

These are fast drying and are great for camping in wet or damp conditions. They feature a waterproof and breathable membrane, which ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable. If you're planning on visiting a nearby beach - wet shoes are the perfect solution!


Our boot laces come in a variety of sizes and colours to match any camping footwear you may have. We stock a range of styles, from elasticated to traditional lace-up so you can enjoy your next adventure to the max!