Pots, Pans and Kettles

Check out our huge range of camping cookware, including pots, pans, and kettles, to help you prepare delicious meals during your next outdoor adventure.

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Camping Pots and Pans to Fuel Your Adventures

Every outdoor explorer needs a decent pot and pan to create nutritious meals to fuel their adventures. Our range of camping pots and pans allows you to cook food and boil water to stay nourished and hydrated during your camping trip.

We stock some of the best brands in the camping cooking scene, including
GSI Outdoors, JetBoil, and Kelly Kettle. Take a look at our extensive range of camping cookware to take your camping cooking to the next level. 

Get Set Up With Our Camping Cookware Sets

For the maximalist campers who want more than the bare essentials, our range of camping cookware sets are ideal to have you whipping up a feast at camp.

Kombat UK Mess Tin Set gives you durable, easy-to-clean food containers, so you don't have to eat out of the pot you cooked in. The aluminium these tins are made from is incredibly durable and resistant to staining. 

If you're starting from scratch, the
GSI Halulite Ketalist Kettle and Pot Set give you everything you need for a comfortable camp set-up. Halulite is an incredible material for camping cookware. It’s much lighter than alternative materials and is resistant to scratches and burns.

The cream of the crop, though, is the
MSR Alpine 4 Cook Pot Set. Designed to stack inside one another with detachable handles, you'll be able to taste the quality of these pans. Made from stainless steel, a stalwart of cooking utensils and pans, this pot set can withstand all the trials and tribulations of camping. 

For a more compact option, the
Kombat UK Anodised Aluminium Cookset is a great choice of pan. The anodised aluminium is more scratch-resistant and naturally non-stick compared to regular aluminium. It also reacts less with acidic foods like tomatoes. 

Brew the Perfect Cuppa With Our Camping Kettles

No camping cookware set is complete without a trusty kettle. Much more than just a vessel for making water safe to drink, a decent camping kettle can bring you the comfort of a delicious cup of tea. 

Trekker Kelly Kettle is ideal to keep a camping feel to your trip. If you want a more cosy, homely feel, the Petromax Perkomax Tea and Coffee Percolator are excellent.

Cook up a feast with our camping cookware. Check out the selection today!


What Cookware Should I Take Camping?

There's a huge range of cookware that you can take camping with you. Some campers like to travel light and just take the bare essentials. These are usually a single pot or pan to cook and boil water in, a cutlery set, and maybe a pot stand for the fire. For others, there's no such thing as taking too much to cook with. They'd take the kitchen sink if they could! There's no right or wrong amount of cookware to take camping, but your cooking results may vary. Taking different sizes of crockery and pans can be useful.

Can I Place a Camping Pan Directly Over a Fire?

Many camping pots and kettles are designed to be used over a naked flame. This makes a pot or pan much more versatile and easier to use in more remote settings. Petromax and Trangia are two brands that make products that can be used directly over an open fire.

What Are the Best Camping Cookware Brands?

There are plenty of brands that have made a name for themselves in the world of camping cookware. We've already mentioned Petromax and Trangia. Zebra, Soto, Kombat UK, and Highlander also offer some great camping pots that can be shipped to your door.

Can You Use Regular Pots and Pans Camping?

We would advise against it. Camping pots and pans are often more lightweight and compact than regular pans from your kitchen. They’re also specifically designed for outdoor use, which your household pots are not.

What Kind of Pots Can Be Used Over a Fire?

If you’re planning to cook over an open fire for a true outdoor experience, you need to have pots that can withstand the heat. The best materials for open-fire cooking are cast iron, titanium, aluminium, and stainless steel. You can build your own campfire pot hanger for a true survival experience.