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Our range of Flextail Gear is the perfect choice for your next camping trip. Whether you’re after the brand’s iconic Tiny Pump or an ultra-lightweight camping lantern, we’ve got you covered.

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Ultralight Camping Appliances from Flextail

For the past 8 years, Flextail has been designing and creating an incredible series of ultralight camping gear.

You don't want to be weighed down by heavy camping equipment on a long trip, which is why Flextail has created this range of lightweight products. Their gear is easy to pack into your bag and doesn't take up too much space, meaning you can fit more of your essentials in your pack.

Flextail Tiny Pump

Known as the smallest 3-in-1 air pump around, the Flextail Tiny Pump is an amazing item to have on your camping trip. It's a manoeuvrable and lightweight multi-purpose pump that can be used as an air pump, a vacuum pump, and a camping lantern.

It's a truly unique item that will make your camping trip much easier. The Flextail Tiny Pump is perfect for inflating air mattresses, sleeping mats, kayaks, and any other inflatable items you might need.

The Flextail Tiny Pump also comes with a built-in magnet and LED light, making it easy to use in the dark.

Flextail Camping Lights

A must-have for any camping trip, Flextail offers a range of ultra-lightweight camping lights for illuminating your set-up.

All of these lights can be hung up around the inside or outside of your tent and come with a range of different settings.

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How Do You Use a Tiny Pump?

The Flextail Tiny Pump can be used for inflating sleeping pads, air mattresses, pillows, making fires and even deflating items quickly. Simply attach the pump to the valve of your item and switch it on.

What Sort of Camping Light Do I Need?

We recommend a lightweight and portable light that can be hung up inside or outside of your tent. Flextail camping lights come with a range of settings, making them perfect for any situation.

How Do I Repel Bugs when Camping?

Bug-repellent devices - such as the Flextail Mosquito Repeller - can help keep bugs away from your campsite. You can attach the repelled by your tent, or you can carry it around with you.

What are the Best Pots to Use on a Gas Stove?

Cast iron is one of the best materials on a gas stove as it distributes heat evenly and is very durable.