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Travelling light: 5 things you don’t need to take on a camping trip


If you’re preparing for a camping trip, you’ve probably read dozens of lists of the items that you mustn’t forget. From torches to spare socks, there are many essentials for those braving a night in the wilderness. But is it possible to over-prepare? Camping should be about getting back to basics, so overpacking will only slow you down. Here are 5 items that you absolutely don’t need to take on your next camping trip.

1. Glass or ceramic items

Taking breakable items on a camping trip is a big no-no. Broken glass can tear through a rucksack and can also be a serious hazard at a campsite. Leave your breakable bowls and mugs at home and bring plastic or paper crockery instead.

2. A mirror

Camping should be about losing yourself in nature, so your appearance is the last thing you should be worrying about. Leaving your mirror at home is liberating, and also removes another potential source of broken glass.

3. Smartphone and laptop

One of the big attractions of camping is the opportunity to get away from the stresses of the modern world. Taking an internet device with you defeats the point by keeping you connected to life back at home. Spending the whole trip checking your work emails will leave you feeling like you haven’t been on holiday at all. Take a basic phone with you for safety and leave it at that. The battery life will be better too.

4. Kids’ toys

If you are taking your children camping, you may be tempted to bring lots of toys to keep them entertained. This is a big mistake as it means that your kids won’t make the most of the experience. Nature is endlessly entertaining for children, so give them a chance to enjoy it fully by leaving the toys at home.

5. White clothing

This one should go without saying. Trying to keep white clothing clean on a camping trip simply isn’t worth the hassle. Only bring clothes that can handle a bit of mud!

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