Sleeping Mats and Pillows

Whether you’re on a family camping trip and need a comfortable pillow, or you’re venturing off-grid and need a basic roll mat, you’ve come to the right place! Take a peek at our wide selection of sleeping mats and pillows from top brands to get a comfortable night’s sleep on your next camping trip.

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The Best Sleeping Bag Mats & Pillows for Every Camping Trip

Sleeping bag mats and pillows can be the difference between an enjoyable camping trip and an aching back. Our range of sleeping bag mats and pillows will help you get a comfortable night's sleep on your next camping trip so you feel well-rested and ready for the day ahead.

Discover brands like
DD Hammocks, Exped, Highlander Outdoor for a selection of sleeping mats and pillows in different sizes, shapes and materials.

Inflatable Camping Mats to Float You to Sleep

Inflatable mats and self-inflating camping mats are both ideal options if you want to make sure you're spending the night well away from the cold ground without the need for an electric air pump.

In our selection, you'll find inflatable mats with built-in pillows like the
DD Superlight Inflatable Mat or simple flat mats like the Exped Sim 3.8 Self-Inflating Mat. We also stock separate inflatable pillows to help you get a great night's sleep, even with basic camping mats.

Our mats come in various sizes, including standard
single and double sizes, as well as XL and long options to make you as comfortable as possible. 

Simple Foam Sleeping Mats

If you're on an expedition or trip where time is of the essence when setting up camp, or you're wild camping, simple roll mats are your best friend. Explore our range of basic folding sleeping mats like the BCB Sleep-Lite Mat and classic roll mats like the Kombat Roll Mat.

Our range also includes some slightly more luxurious options like the
NatureHike Lightweight Foam Mattress with Pillow. This is a great option for campers who need more cushioning while still requiring quick set-up times.

Check out our range of sleeping mats and pillows for your next camping trip today!

Complete your camp sleep setup with our expansive range of
sleeping bags.


Is a Sleeping Bag Mat Worth It?

There's plenty of debate around this in the camping community, but the general consensus is that, yes, they make a huge difference in keeping you warm. Sleeping mats give you more warmth and a comfortable surface to help you get a good night's sleep on your camping trip. Sleeping mats can help ensure you have the energy required for your hikes and adventures by providing a great night's sleep.

What's the Best Material For Sleeping Mats?

Classic roll mats should be made from closed-cell foam materials such as XPE. This is an incredibly durable material that will make your sleeping mats last much longer than other types of foam. Inflatable and self-inflating sleeping mats are made from a foam core that's supported by channels that fill with air. The outer layer of a sleeping mat is usually polyester.

What's the Best Thickness For a Sleeping Mat?

The best thickness for a sleeping mat depends on the type of surface you're sleeping on and your personal preferences when it comes to bedding. Some people prefer full airbeds to a sleeping mat, for example. Generally, you should look for a sleeping mat that's between 2.5 and 3.5 inches thick. This provides ample insulation from the cold floor, providing a good night's sleep while remaining compact for your pack when hiking.

Can I Use a Yoga Mat as a Sleeping Pad?

It can be tempting to save time and space by using your yoga mat as a camping sleeping mat, but this isn’t always the best idea. It can work in a pinch, and it’s better than nothing, but yoga mats are often thinner than roll mats. They also aren’t designed to insulate like camping sleeping mats are.

What is the Best Type of Sleeping Mat for Camping?

The best type of sleeping mat for camping depends on whether you want to keep your kit as lightweight as possible or want the most comfortable night's sleep possible. If a lightweight kit is your top priority, a basic foam roll mat like the Robens Slumber Roll Pro is ideal. To prioritise comfort, an inflatable mat like the DD Superlight Inflatable Mat is perfect!