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Naturehike TPU Double Waterproof Inflatable Mattress


No more doubling up single mats and falling down the gap! This high-grade Double inflatable mattress from Naturehike.

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  • DOUBLE PROTECTION: Widened and thickened, comfortable upgrade, TPU thickened double air cushion, thickness up to 13-16cm.Double-sided honeycomb column design, multi-point close arrangement, more uniform force, stable and no deformation, no subsidence, no shaking up
  • WEAR-RESISTANT AND WATERPROOF: Nylon TPU, wear-resistant and waterproof. Double layer compound pressing process, inner layer TPU sealing coating
  • EASY TO CARRY: Small size, lightweight, easy to store, easy to carry, only weighs about 1.6kg
  • Support a variety of inflation methods: Air-cushion inflatable bag, electric air pump, foot pump


Model NH19QD010
40D nylon TPU
About 1.6kg
Product size
Storage size


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