Cooking Utensils and Accessories

Cooking is an essential part of any camping trip. Here at Wood to Water, we’ve got all the utensils you need to kit out your camp kitchen. From pans and cutlery to chopping boards, we’ve got you covered for all your camping mealtimes. Take a look at our range to find what you need.

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Stock Your Outdoor Kitchen With Our Camping Cooking Utensils

Our range of camping cooking utensils will make your outdoor kitchen experience a breeze. Whether you're cooking up a storm for your family and friends or just for yourself, we've got the camping utensils to help you whip up something amazing. 

We stock top brands such as
GSI Outdoors, Kombat UK, and Lodge Cast Iron for quality utensils that will last for many camping trips.

Camping Cooking Utensils Sets for the Ultimate Camping Kitchen

The GSI Basecamp Chef's Tool Set is the ideal option to fill a gap in your kit. The set features a spatula, tongs, a folding spoon, a pot scrubber, and a silicone pot grabber, all wrapped up in a convenient bag. All you need to go with this set is some cutlery and some pots and pans.

GSI Infinity 4 person compact outdoors table set is the perfect way to make sure you have enough crockery for everyone to eat off of. For minimalist campers, the GSI Gourmet Kitchen Set contains everything you need to kit out your camping kitchen all packed into a single bag.

Upgrade Your Camping Cooking With Gadget Utensils

Once you have your basic utensils to allow you to cook, you can begin to get into the innovative side of the category. At Wood to Water, we stock a range of multi-functional tools and gadgets to upgrade your camping cooking experience.

Akinod Multifunction Magnetic Cutlery is the ideal way to pack a full cutlery set without taking up a ton of space. The Swiss army knife design makes it super compact. The Highlander Foon 5-in-1 Tool is another great way to save on space. This tool even clips onto your kit or keys!

Energise Your Trip With Our Camping Coffee Accessories

Camping can be an exhausting adventure, and you need more than the nourishment of mealtimes to keep you going. For the coffee-loving campers, you'll find a range of camping coffee accessories in our selection.

GSI Collapsible Java Drip is ideal for brewing pour-over coffee at the summit of your hike. The JetBoil Silicone Coffee Press is perfect for traditionalists and allows you to turn any mug into a French press.

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Don’t forget to also stock your camp kitchen up with our range of
dehydrated expedition meals to fuel your adventure. 


What Utensils Do I Need to Take Camping?

You can get away with taking the bare essentials when it comes to camping utensils. Some people just cook with their cutlery! But to make the most of your camping trip, investing in lightweight, durable cooking utensils can help you enjoy mealtimes much more.

How Do I Safely Pack Food For Camping?

Safely packing food for a camping trip is one of the hardest things to do. For some campers, the answer is to just take dehydrated meal pouches to take all the fuss out of it. If you want to cook food from scratch, you need to make sure you have an adequate cold source to keep perishables like meat and poultry fresh.

Are Camping Cooking Utensils Necessary?

As we mentioned above, some people scrape by just using cutlery to cook and eat their food while camping, but it's undeniable that you can cook better meals with proper camping utensils. If you enjoy cooking in the great outdoors, investing in a strong set of camping kitchen utensils is non-negotiable.