Lodge Cast Iron

Originally founded in 1896, deep in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, Lodge cookware has become a stalwart of outdoor cooking. But there’s more to the brand than that. All Lodge Cast Iron cookware is 100% cast iron, so it can be used for outdoor and indoor cooking on all heat sources. Check out the range to add to your kit today.

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Lodge Seasoned Cookware for All Seasons

Lodge Cast Iron believes in creating cast iron cookware that lasts a lifetime, and their range of cast iron pans has been crafted to make cooking over a campfire easy and simple.

The brand has spent decades carefully crafting a range of
cast iron pans and cookware that can be used on any cooking surface in any location.

Every pan in this range is
easy to cook on and simple to clean no matter where you are. Whether you think of yourself as one of the family's top chefs or you're just looking for a high-quality skillet to cook over a campfire, our range has got you covered.

Quality Cast Iron Cookware for Outdoor Cooking Escapades

Lodge Cast Iron products are tough enough to withstand outdoor cooking in any weather conditions, but they also look right at home in your kitchen. Having one set of trusty pans that you can take from indoor to outdoor cooking is ideal and frees up a lot of space.

Whether it's a
classic Lodge skillet or a reversible iron griddle/hot plate you're looking for, we've got you covered.

If off-grid adventures are your thing, you need
a sturdy pan that can provide all your cooking and heating needs. Our Lodge Dutch oven is the ideal addition to your camping kit.

For the campers who love to
bring a few home comforts with them, the Lodge round pancake skillet is the perfect way to start your mornings with a sweet or savoury treat to set you up for the day. 

Shop Lodge Cast Iron Cookware at Wood to Water Today

No matter what you enjoy cooking outdoors, we've got the pans for you in our Lodge cast iron range. Build your camping kit with all the essentials, or add a few extra pieces to up your outdoor cooking game.

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How Do You Maintain Cast Iron Pans?
Cast iron pans are designed to last a lifetime as long as you look after them properly. To keep your pan in tip-top condition, avoid washing it after every use. Instead, wipe it out with a soft cloth or kitchen roll. If you do need to wash the pan, always hand-wash it and dry it immediately. Make sure you hand-dry it, too! Then, rub a little vegetable oil on the surface before cooking to season it again.
Is Lodge Cookware Suitable for Long Hikes?
Lodge cookware can be the perfect addition to your hiking kit if you're planning to set up an off-grid camp. It's durable and reliable, so you'll always have the resources to prepare food and water. It's important to remember that cast iron is a heavy material, so these pans aren't lightweight. This can make your pack significantly heavier.
What's the Best Heat Source for Cast Iron Pans?
The beauty of cast iron pans is they can be used on any heat source, from induction hobs to open campfires. The best heat source for cooking with any pan is an open flame, whether it's from a gas burner or a campfire. This allows you to better control the heat and gives you more control over your cooking.