Lightweight Hiking Tents

We have a great selection of lightweight tents perfect for hiking, backpacking, fishing, and other outdoor adventures. These camping tents are crafted with superior-quality materials that can withstand any terrain or weather conditions. Shop top brands like DD Hammocks, 3F UL Gear, and Highlander.

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Shop Light & Ultralight Tents at Wood To Water

Our collection of lightweight and ultralight tents is ideal for soloists, couples, or small parties embarking on hiking or backpacking adventures. 

We stock only the latest and greatest tents from top camping brands, such as DD Hammocks, NatureHike, and more, so you know you're getting a quality product for your bikepacking adventures. These products have been designed with the latest features and technology to make your trip as comfortable and easy as possible – from superior weather protection to incredibly light materials for easy packing.

1 Man Tents for Solo Backpackers & Hikers

For those solo adventures that help you get back to nature, we've got a range of 1 man tents that are perfect for backpacking or bikepacking.

One of our best one-person tents is the DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Mesh Tent. This is an extremely lightweight tent, weighing less than 500g, with a highly effective bug-proof mesh. You can use this solo tent on its own in the summer or pair it with the DD Hammocks Superlight Bikepacker Tarp for extra protection and a combined pack weight of 1kg.

2 & 3 Person Tents for Group Adventures

If you're travelling with a companion or you want some extra room for your kit, our 2 and 3-person tent range is full of lightweight options.

The NatureHike Star-River 2 lightweight 2-person tent is the ultimate, all-season lightweight tent that's ideal for a two-person hiking adventure or to give you more room for your stuff if you’re heading out solo. It weighs only 2kg, including poles and pegs, making it great for travelling light. 

For the ultimate 2-3 person tent, we recommend the DD Hammocks Superlight Pyramid Tent - Family Size. This tent weighs in at only 750g and only needs a single hiking pole and ground pegs to pitch. Waterproof to 3000m, this tent is ideal for all weather conditions. Pair it with the DD Superlight Pyramid Mesh Tent for a bug-free zone.

Shop our collection of lightweight multiple-person and solo tents for your next adventure.


Is 2kg Too Heavy for a Tent?

2kg isn't too heavy for a tent, especially if you're hiking, backpacking, or bikepacking. With that being said, 2kg is the upper limit of lightweight tents. Anything over 2kg is likely to be too heavy for campers who are hiking long distances, especially with the rest of your kit.

Should a Lightweight Tent Come With Poles?

Some lightweight tents come with classic tent poles that allow you to pitch them like any other tent. However, there are a few lightweight tents that don't come with any poles at all. These tents are designed to be pitched using one or two hiking poles. This helps you cut down on the kit you have to carry and makes your poles twice as useful. Always check whether you need hiking poles for your tent before venturing out.

Are Ultralightweight Tents Worth It?

Absolutely! Opting for a lightweight or ultralightweight tent is the perfect choice for campers who are hiking between camping spots or bikepackers who need to keep their kit light. Of course, light and ultralight tents aren't suitable for all weather conditions and can't be used in adverse weather, which should be taken into account when choosing a tent.

Can You Use a Tent Outer By Itself?

Yes, it's possible to use a tent outer by itself. Obviously, the weather conditions you're camping in will determine whether you'll be comfortable or not. The tent inner, especially mesh ones, can help keep your tent an insect-free zone which is ideal during summer months. For longer camping trips, we'd recommend taking the inner with you just in case.