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About Red Paddle Co.

Founded in East Devon, Red Paddle Co (also known as Red Equipment) design and manufacture premium outdoor kit for watersports enthusiasts, campers and adventurers.

Whilst they're largely known for their unrivalled quality paddleboards, they also offer an incredible variety of clothing perfect for any outdoor adventure. At Wood To Water, we stock a great choice of Red Paddle Co change robes for drying off after your watersports activities.

These dry robes are available in a variety of materials, from 100% organic cotton to premium recycled fabric, giving you the best quality and comfort. Choose from a pullover or zip-up design, and keep yourself warm and dry after a swim or paddle.

We also stock a number of parkas with clever 3-in-1 designs. You can wear the parka to protect against wet weathers, put on the inner fleece layer for cold days or as a change robe, and use both layers for a completely waterproof and warm coat. It's a must-have for camping trips and outdoor adventures!

Shop our range of Red Paddle Co dry robes today and stay dry, warm and comfortable on your next outdoor adventure!


Is a dry robe the same as a changing robe?

The names dry robe and changing robe are used interchangeably and typically refer to the same thing. Dry robes are specially designed to be worn before and after wet activities like swimming, surfing and paddle boarding. They help to dry you off quickly, keep your body temperature regulated and provide a layer of warmth while changing out of wet suits or costumes.

Are Red change robes waterproof?

Red Original changing robes have a waterproof outer layer and a warm fleece inner layer, making them both waterproof and insulated. This makes them perfect for wet adventures in cold weather!

What materials are Red change robes made from?

Red Paddle Co change robes are made from a variety of materials, including 100% organic cotton, premium recycled fabrics, microfibre, and a waterproof layer. All are incredibly good quality, comfortable and designed to keep you warm and dry.

What are change robes used for?

Change robs are perfect for use before or after wet activities like swimming, surfing and paddle boarding. They help to dry you off and keep your body warm when changing out of swimsuits.