Dry Robes / Changing Robes

Stay dry and warm with our selection of high-quality dry robes and changing robes, great for throwing on after watersports or having close by on your camping trip. Shop from towelling changing robes, quick-dry microfibre robs, and waterproof parkas.

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Dry & Changing Robes from Red Paddle Co.

Our range of changing robes and dry robes is made with lightweight, quick-drying materials that are perfect for watersports and activities in all seasons.

You'll find a selection of versatile, high-quality changing robes and dry robes from Red Paddle Co in different styles, sizes, colours and fabrics to suit all your outdoor adventures – from classic towelling changing robes to quick-drying robes.

One of our most popular dry robes is the Red Original Quick Dry Microfibre Changing Robe in Grey. This classic microfibre changing robe has been designed with usability at its core. The simple hooded towel design makes it incredibly easy to use, and the advanced suede fabric can absorb up to 4 times its weight while remaining soft and cosy. Complete with its own stash bag, this dry robe is the perfect addition to your outdoor kit.

For something a little more hardcore, the Red Original Evo Long Sleeve Changing Robe is ideal. Made from 100% recycled fabrics with an 8k/3k outer that’s waterproof and breathable. Choose from a great range of colours, including fuschia, grey, navy, and mulberry wine, in sizes ranging from small to large.

3-in-1 Changing Parkas & Jackets

We also stock changing parkas that offer great waterproof protection while drying you off from your water activities.

The Revolution 3-in-1 Change Parka can separate into a soft, cosy fleece coat, a waterproof parka, and a full-length dry robe. This is great for reducing your packing space while still keeping you warm and dry. Add in their 10k/8k weather protection and technical fabrics, and you have the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities.

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Do Dry Robes Come in Different Weights?

No, dry robes aren't particularly heavy. Our selection of Red dry robes ranges from 0.4kg at the lower end to 2.7kg at the top end. The 3-in-1 change parka is the heaviest dry robe we sell due to its size and multiple layers.

How Should You Wash a Dry Robe?

Generally, you can wash your robe inside out on a gentle or delicate cycle at no more than 30 degrees. You should also avoid using fabric softener and non-bio washing powders to protect the fabrics used. Specific washing instructions will vary from one changing robe brand to another, so check the label on your robe.

What's the Difference Between a Dry Robe and a Changing Robe?

A dry robe is typically made from a thick, absorbent material such as terry cloth or towel fabric and is worn after a swim or shower to keep the body warm and dry. A changing robe is a lighter garment usually made from cotton or microfibre, designed for ease of use when changing clothes.