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Incredible wild camping spots in the UK


Are you a camping aficionado? You’ve progressed beyond the need for traditional campsites and you want to go somewhere a little more – well, wild. There is no need to go overseas to find the most beautiful spots for wild camping. We have collected some of the best wild spaces to pitch your tent right here on our own green shores.

As long as you stick within the legal limits, wild camping is still fully achievable and the best way to get to know the stunning natural world.

Cwn Caseg Tarn in Snowdonia

Wales is a fantastic choice for a range of wild camping options. Offering some of the highest peaks in England and Wales, northern Snowdonia is a beautiful and less populated choice than other Welsh wild camping spots. You can expect gorgeous views of the coast from the peaks, but be prepared to make the tricky climb. You will be rewarded with stunning scenery and real nature though.

Isle of Mull on the Inner Hebrides

Wild camping is very accessible all over Scotland, but one of the most beautiful spots is the Isle of Mull. The Lochbuie Estate provides a tranquil space for campers, or choose the beautiful Calgary Bay, where you can gather your own driftwood to make fires on existing hearths. You will definitely need that on a chilly Scottish night!

Dartmoor National Park in Devon

No need to get a landowner’s permission when you choose Dartmoor. This sprawling national park is one of the very limited spots where it is legal to camp without asking permission, so you can feel secure as you enjoy the gorgeous Devonshire scenery. Brat Tor is an ideal place to camp on the windy moors, giving you amazing access to this nature lover’s paradise.

Wild camping offers so much opportunity to explore nature and employ your bushcraft skills. Just remember that you may need to ask permission from the landowner of any land you choose to pitch up on. Be respectful, polite, and leave no trace of your visit behind and there will be no limits to your potential camping adventures.

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