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How to stay dry while camping


The weather in the UK is famously unpredictable, so it is always best to be prepared for whatever nature throws at you. Rain is the great enemy of many campers, so here are a few tips on how to stay warm and dry while camping.

Skin deep

The very first step is to invest in high-quality rainproof clothing. Waterproof jackets, trousers, gloves and boots are a must for any camper. Don’t forget good thermal layers to keep out the chill!

Pack prepared

No-one likes spending long periods of time in wet socks or shirts, so ensure that you pack spares of warm essentials like underwear and socks. These can easily be left to air dry during the day or overnight, and will keep you warm and dry for your entire trip. Make sure that you bring waterproof storage for everything too.

Hang in there

Don’t fancy sleeping on a damp floor? Why not try a hammock – these can be used outside or inside and will keep you high and dry. They are also great at keeping the heat in so you won’t get too cold on wild and wet nights.

Tarp Master

A tarp is your best friend on a rainy day. They can be used as groundsheets to keep your floor mud and water-free, or as an extra covering to create a spare space for storage or extra working space. Always erect your tarp on a downward slope so that the rain runs off it easily, and ensure that it is facing away from the wind – it will stop it from blowing away. Tarps are a camping staple for beginners and seasoned adventurers, so always have a few spares on hand.

Light my fire

If you sense the weather is going to turn, get a fire lit as soon as possible. Arrange your fuel well and the fire will keep burning no matter how heavy the downpour. Try setting up a tarp near to (never above – it’s a fire hazard) your fire so that you have a dry, sheltered space for food preparation or just watching the world.

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