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How to Build a Campfire in 5 Easy Steps 


Knowing how to build a campfire is a must-have skill for any camper or outdoor enthusiast – and it’s a lot easier than you may think.

Not only is a good from a practical point, but a crackling fire can also create a cosy ambience and provide warmth on chilly nights (not to mention be brilliant for toasting marshmallows!).

But before you start gathering wood and striking matches, there are a few important things to consider. Follow these 5 easy steps to build the perfect campfire and enjoy a memorable night under the stars.

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How to Build a Campfire in 5 Easy Steps 

Preparing to Build Your Campfire

Before you begin building your campfire, it’s essential to carry out the necessary preparations beforehand to make sure it’s done both safely and efficiently. 

The two main things you’ll need to consider are the location and the materials needed…

Selecting the Right Location 

Choosing the right location for your campfire is essential for maintaining safety and adhering to local regulations. 

Look for a clear, level area away from tents, overhanging branches, and any flammable materials. It’s recommended to maintain at least a 15-foot clearance from tents, trees, and other combustible objects. 

Additionally, check with local authorities regarding any specific regulations or restrictions on campfires in the area you’ll be visiting.  

Gathering Materials 

To build a successful campfire, you’ll need three types of materials: tinder, kindling, and fuel wood

Tinder refers to highly combustible materials that catch fire quickly, such as dryer lint, wax paper, or sawdust.

Kindling consists of small sticks or twigs that will help the fire grow once the tinder is lit.

Fuel wood, which includes larger logs or split wood, will sustain the fire once it’s established.
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How to Build a Campfire in 5 Easy Steps 

How to Build a Campfire in 5 Steps

With the necessary preparations complete, it’s time to start building your campfire. Follow these step-by-step instructions to construct a safe and long-lasting fire. 

Step 1: Clearing the Ground  

Begin by clearing the area where you plan to build the fire. Remove any dry leaves, twigs, or other debris that could potentially catch fire and spread uncontrollably. 

Step 2: Creating a Fire Pit  

If permitted in the area, you can create a fire pit by digging a shallow depression in the ground. This will help contain the fire and prevent it from spreading. 

Step 3: Arranging Your Tinder  

In the centre of the cleared area or fire pit, create a small mound or nest with your tinder materials. This will be the base for igniting your fire. 

Step 4: Choosing a Fire Layout  

There are several ways to arrange the kindling and fuel wood around your tinder nest. 

Fire Arrangement What It Is

Arranging the kindling and fuel wood in a cone-like shape over the tinder.

Log Cabin

Stacking the kindling and fuel wood in a square or rectangular shape, resembling a miniature log cabin.


Leaning the kindling and fuel wood against a larger log or rock, creating a tent-like structure.

Step 5: Arranging the Kindling & Fuel Wood  

Whichever layout you choose, start by placing the kindling over the tinder nest, leaving enough space for air to circulate

Then, add larger pieces of fuel wood around or on top of the kindling, creating a sturdy structure.

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How to Build a Campfire in 5 Easy Steps 

How to Maintain & Manage Your Campfire

Sustaining the fire for the desired duration is key. Monitor the fuel levels and add more wood as needed to keep the fire going. 

However, be careful not to overload the fire, as this can cause it to become uncontrollable. 

Aim for a steady, consistent burn by adding a few pieces of fuel wood at a time. 

Techniques for adjusting the fire’s size and heat output are also valuable skills to have. If the fire is burning too hot or too large, you can control it by spreading the burning logs apart or using a shovel to scoop some of the burning material out of the fire pit. 

Conversely, if the fire is burning too low, you can bring the burning logs closer together or add more kindling or small pieces of fuel wood to increase the heat output. 

Here are some tips on adding fuel and stoking the fire:

  • Use a long stick or fire poker to stoke the fire and reposition the burning logs gently.
  • Add larger pieces of fuel wood to the edge of the fire pit, allowing them to catch fire before pushing them into the centre.
  • Avoid adding too much fuel at once, as this can smother the fire and produce excessive smoke.
  • Rotate the fuel wood periodically to ensure even burning.
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How to Build a Campfire in 5 Easy Steps 

How to Safely & Properly Extinguish the Campfire

Knowing how to build a campfire isn’t the only important skill to have when camping. It’s also crucial to know how to properly extinguish the fire before leaving the campsite.

Follow these steps to safely extinguish your campfire:

Step 1: Stop Adding Fuel  

Once you’ve determined it’s time to extinguish the fire, stop adding any additional fuel, wood or kindling. Allow the existing materials to burn down to a manageable level. 

Step 2: Douse with Water  

Using a bucket or other container filled with water, slowly pour water onto the burning logs and embers. 

Be careful not to smother the fire too quickly, as this can cause a sudden burst of smoke and ash. 

Step 3: Stir the Ashes  

After dousing the fire with water, use a stick to spread the ashes. This will help expose any remaining hot spots or embers that may still be burning. 

Step 4: Repeat as Needed  

Continue to pour water and stir the ashes until you’re certain the fire is completely extinguished. Touch the ashes with your hands to ensure they’re cool to the touch.

How to Build a Campfire in 5 Easy Steps 

Summary: Simple Steps to Building a Campfire 

Building a campfire is a rewarding and memorable experience that can enhance any outdoor adventure, and by following the steps outlined in this guide, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and efficiently construct your own campfire. 

At Wood to Water, we’ve got a wide range of tools and accessories to help making fire at your campsite a breeze. From fuel blocks and tinder sticks to matches and fire starters, you’ll find everything you need to get your fire going in no time.


Can I Use Green Or Wet Wood For a Campfire?

No, green or wet wood should be avoided as it will produce excessive smoke and struggle to burn properly. 

Always use dry, seasoned wood that has been appropriately cured to ensure an efficient and clean burning fire.

How Can I Keep My Campfire Burning For An Extended Period? 

To sustain your campfire, continually add fuel wood in moderation, being careful not to smother the flames. 

Rotate and reposition the burning logs periodically, and use a stick or poker to gently stoke the fire and increase airflow.

How Do I Know If My Campfire Is Completely Extinguished?

Douse the fire thoroughly with water and stir the ashes, exposing any remaining hot spots. 

Repeat this process until the ashes are cool to the touch. Once cooled, disperse the ashes and restore the area before leaving. 

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