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Dutch ovens: What are they and what can you cook in them?


If you are planning a camping trip, then considering how you will feed yourself is vital. Making sure that you have the right kit will ensure you stay well-fed and full of energy. One piece of equipment that many people pack is a Dutch oven. But what exactly are they and what tasty treats can you cook up in them?

Dutch ovens explained

In simple terms, a Dutch oven is a type of cooking pot which has a tightly fitting lid. It usually comes in a round or oval shape. This type of cookware also comes in a range of materials from cast iron to ceramic or cast aluminium. To use this type of portable oven when camping, you just place inside the food you want to cook and put the lid on. Once ready, you then put the oven over an open fire until the food is ready.

But what are some of the best dishes you could cook in this oven?


A real classic camping dish to warm everyone up at nights is stew. This is also the ideal meal to cook in a Dutch oven. Much of this comes down to the lid of the oven helping to keep moisture inside the pot. Stew is also a great recipe to try as you can put whatever you like in it. As long as you have some vegetables, stock and seasoning, the meat or fish you then add is up to you.

Chile con carne

Chile con carne is a classic camping meal too and great for this sort of oven. Although made with minced beef usually, you can make a veggie version if you have no way of storing meat safely. Once you have fried off your mince or vegetables, it is a case of adding in some tinned tomatoes, seasoning and chilli powder to taste. If you have room in your pack, a dash of Worcestershire sauce also works well.


Soups are yet another nourishing camping meal to recover with after a busy day. They are also very simple to make in a Dutch oven. An easy tomato soup, for example, can be knocked up by cooking off butter, a chopped up onion and tomatoes in the pot. You then top up with water, let it cook down until it is the consistency you like and season to taste.

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