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5 genius hacks for outdoor cooking


Travelling to the great outdoors is an opportunity to be at one with nature and get away from the stress of everyday life. However, for some, the idea of outdoor cooking can bring some stress of its own. If you’re not sure how to prepare for your next camping trip, take a look at these 5 outdoor cooking hacks…

1. Prepare your meals in advance

A lot of us prepare meals on a regular basis and it’s no different from when we go camping, in fact, it’s super helpful! Chop and prepare your ingredients from home so that they’re ready for outdoor cooking! A good tip is to invest in some Ziploc bags, with these you can preserve all of your fresh needs as well as marinade things like meat on the go.

2. Limit the cookware

It’s a good rule of thumb to pack lightly and you won’t need as much cookware as you think. Find disposable alternatives and invest in a good camping cookware set. Camping sets are built to be portable and compact but fitting in all the key essentials like cookware, dishes, and cutlery!

3. Minimise dirty dishes

Instead of lugging around your favourite pots and pans, try using disposable alternatives like tin foil. Not only is tin foil efficient to cook with, but you can eat straight from it, try cooking individual pocket meals so you can skip the pans and the plates!

4. Backup stove

Many of us might be keen to start a fire the old fashion way, but it’s always good to have a backup. Weather and other circumstances can seriously affect your ability to start a fire and you don’t want to be caught off guard and unable to cook. Take a portable stove with you for the worst-case scenario, or hey, just for the sheer convenience!

5. Salt as disinfectant

This might sound like a weird one but it’s an old trick for keeping things hygienic and spotless. Obviously we want to keep our dishes both clean and disinfected, but things like soap and disinfectant can be cumbersome to carry around, instead, throw some salt onto your dirty dishes, it acts as a disinfectant and it’s coarseness helps to remove dirt and grime.

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