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3 survival mistakes to avoid in the great outdoors


If you’re planning a camping trip to the great outdoors, you will no doubt be excited to get going and have fun. Before you set off though, you should think seriously about survival. Being able to stay safe and handle emergencies is very important on any trip. As well as knowing what you should do, it can often be just as useful to know the things that you should not do!

But what survival mistakes should you avoid?

Not packing the right kit

This mistake is very important to avoid for survival. This is especially true if you will be hiking or engaging in activities such as rock climbing. It is key to pack all the kit you need for your trip, equipment to deal with accidents and the correct gear to perform any activities safely. This includes essentials like first aid kits, maps, a compass, food and drink, a knife, spare clothes, specific kit for certain activities, tents and cooking equipment.

Panicking if things go wrong

Another mistake to avoid when it comes to survival in the great outdoors is losing your head if things go wrong. Panicking will just make the situation worse and stress everyone out even more. It could also see you lose the ability to think rationally and make poor judgement calls on how to handle things. Spending time in the great outdoors can throw up curveballs at times – try to stay calm and work out how best to deal with them.

Not having the basic knowledge

A mistake that you see some people make is heading out into nature with no basic survival knowledge to call on. You may think that you are going for a short hike and not need to know how to start a fire or make a shelter but what if you need too? If the weather comes in and you get stranded, this could end up being a lifesaver. The same is true for any specific activities you might try when outdoors. Do not assume you can simply give it a go without any prior knowledge and it will be ok. This is often when accidents happen.

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