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3 safety tips for using a knife when camping


More and more people are beginning to head out into the great outdoors on camping trips now. Whether this is to immerse yourself in nature, test your bushcraft skills or enjoy time with family, it is a great thing to do. Having the right kit is important though so you stay safe, warm and fed. A good quality knife is one of the really vital pieces of gear. This is because it comes in handy for a wide range of tasks such as whittling, cutting cord and more. Before you head out with your knife, you should take on-board the below safety tips.

Always store them safely

This is a very important tip for using any knife safely when wild camping. When the knife itself is not being used, you must store it safely and away from others. If you have a fixed blade knife, make sure you put it back in its sheath. If the knife blade folds up or is retractable, make sure it is closed and put somewhere secure. Doing this will not only protect everyone in the vicinity, but also stop you losing your knife when out trekking.

Keep the blade sharp

Many people think that sharper knives are more dangerous but the opposite is true. Keeping the blade sharp means you have to put less pressure on it to cut things and therefore have less chance of the knife slipping. Wounds from sharper knives are also more precise which usually makes them simpler to stitch. It is not only key to sharpen your knife before you leave but also take something to sharpen it with when camping.

Be aware of your surroundings

This is common sense but something that people can sometimes forget about. When you are using your knife, you must always be aware of who and what is around you. While you need to focus on the task in hand, being aware of your surroundings is also crucial. This not only stops you from tripping over things with the tool in your hand but also from accidentally cutting people who may wander into where you are working.

A good knife is a wild camping essential

Although you do need to take care when using a knife, do not let this put you off from taking one on your next camping trip. If you need the best quality knives around at great value prices, why not browse the choice we have at Wood to Water today? We also stock sharpening stones as well to keep your knife at its best while in the great outdoors.

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