Naturehike Cloud Peak 2-Man Tent (Green) T DOOR (Limited Run)


The Cloud Peak is a highly rated sub-£200 2-person 4-season camping tent that is easy to erect and lightweight, making it the perfect option for backpacking or hiking.

The tent is made of durable fabrics and features a stable structure, ensuring that you’ll be comfortable and safe while camping in most conditions. Additionally, the large amount of free space makes it ideal for two people.

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In stock

Limited Run of the popular T Door Version we are unsure if these will be back any time soon.

Why Choose The Cloud Peak Tent?

Enjoy the great outdoors with Cloud-Peak, a freestanding tent for camping that is lightweight and easy to set up. Boasting optimal stability, comfort and weight, this two-person shelter is easy to pitch so that all your alfresco adventures – including auto-camping or high-altitude treks – are stress-free!

Key Features

  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACTABLE: Naturehike’s Cloud-Peak backpacking tent offers the most spacious and comfortable accommodations in an ultra-lightweight design. It is a must-own outdoor gear for every minimalist backpacker.
  • HIGH-QUALITY WATERPROOF MATERIAL: The tent fly comprises 20D double-line nylon plaid fabric with a waterproof index of PU4000mm. The inner tent is made of 20D Silicone Nylon Plaid. The net yarn is made of B3 fine polyester breathable mesh. The bottom tent is made of 20D silicone nylon plaid, and the tent pole is made of 7001 aluminium alloy poles.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: The Cloud-Peak tent’s dome shape with multiple poles provides an excellent snow load handling capability. The all-season tent wall can be extended to the ground and mesh area and backed with an adjustable fabric panel. The dual entrance with a single vestibule configuration allows quick access and provides extra storage space. The add-on footprint efficiently covers the entire tent; It can be attached to the tent even when pitching.


Naturehike is a popular brand with an eye for detail, and this tent is no exception. With two entry points for easy access, as well as a full mesh roof that allows stargazing on those clear summer nights, you’ll always have the perfect camping spot set up.

Tent Specifications

Model: NH17K240-Y
Colour: Army green

Tent fly: 20D double-line nylon plaid fabric

Waterproof: PU coating waterproof 4000mm

Inner tent: 20D Silicone Nylon Plaid  (T Door)

Net yarn: B3 fine polyester breathable mesh

Bottom tent: 20D Silicone Nylon Plaid

Tent pole: 7001 aluminium alloy pole

Storage Size: About 915x50cm
Weight: About 2.5kg


Is the tent waterproof?

Yes, this tent is made with a special waterproof PU coating rated 4000mm to keep you dry through any weather. The inner tent also features the same waterproof coating.

What are the dimensions of the tent?

Once erected, the tent has a width of 210cm, length of 210cm and height of 105cm. A small packdown size of 50cm x 15cm makes it incredibly portable.

How much does the tent weigh?

The Naturehike Cloud Peak tent weighs just 5.5lb (2.4kg)!

How should I store my tent?

Avoid packing away your tent if it is still damp or dirty. While we use the highest quality waterproofing, long-term exposure to moisture can start the process of hydrolysis – causing a sticky and non-waterproof coating on your tent materials. Just 24 hours in warm weather could be enough for mildew to begin forming, damaging its appearance and smell and likely voiding the warranty.



About Naturehike Outdoors

Naturehike was founded in 2010 with the goal of providing people with the gear they need to enjoy the outdoors. Known for creating outdoor gear that is durable and environmentally friendly, their mission is to make sure everyone can have the opportunity to explore nature to its fullest whilst providing an escape from the city and returning people to a world of fresh air and open space. Naturehike offers a wide range of camping equipment, from tents and sleeping bags to cooking gear and backpacks, plus a wide variety of clothing and footwear for all seasons that Wood To Water is proud to stock. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a month-long expedition, Naturehike has everything you need to make your trip a success. Read More
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