Firemaple Petrel G3 Ultralight Cooking system with Stove


One of the newest releases from Firemaple is the Petrel ultralight cooking system, which Comes with a 600ml pot / Gas stove Spark and ferro rod, Weighing in at only 250g

Gas not included 

In stock

The aluminium pot is equipped with a heat exchanger, which enables faster cooking times with less loss of heat.. Boiling water takes approximately 1 minutes 35 seconds.

The pot is equipped with a convenient fold-out handle and a special insulating cover that protects against burns and reduces cooking time. It is equipped with a transparent lid  that allows you to control the contents.

The set includes:
– titanium gas burner, (2500w) Hornet II
– Titanium 600ml pot

– titanium spork,
– fire starter
, – mesh transport bag.

All elements fit into the vessel, making transportation and packaging easier. 

Technical data
– burner: titanium
– spork: titanium
– pot: aluminium 
Power: 2500 W
Dimensions: 109 x 109 x 114 mm
Set weight: 250 g

High Efficiency

The G3 pot features a heat exchanger on the bottom, which maximizes fuel efficiency by capturing and transferring heat more effectively. This means you can cook your meals faster and with less fuel consumption.

Compact & Light

Crafted from aluminium for minimal backpack weight, this 600ml pot is the ultimate in portability. Weighing just 162g, it’s ideal for boiling water, cooking soups, or warming dehydrated meals.



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Fire Maple has been producing top-quality, budget-friendly camping and hiking cookware since 2003. Their products include lightweight gas stoves and complete cooking sets that make a fantastic addition to your outdoor gear collection.

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