Camping Gas Canisters

Choose from our range of high-performance gas canisters to fuel your camping stove. From isobutane and propane fuel cartridges to self-seal camping gas bottles, we’ve got everything you need to stay warm and cook during your camping trip. Shop now for free delivery over £60!

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Gas Canisters for Camping Stoves

We stock a super selection of camping stove canisters that provide a consistent and reliable source of fuel for your outdoor cooking needs. 

They’re compatible with a range of camping stove models, including GSI, MSR, Jetboil, and Fire Maple. You’ll find a mix of fuels, including isobutane, propane, and butane blends, all designed to keep your stove burning bright.

They’re also very convenient to pack and carry, with most canisters featuring a compact and lightweight design.

Large & Small Gas Stove Canisters

Whether you're camping for a weekend or embarking on a long-term trek, we have various sizes and types of gas canisters to meet your needs.

Our compact and lightweight canisters are perfect for backpacking, like the Highlander 100g Stove Gas Valve Cartridge. Featuring a standard thread fitting, it's compatible with Highlander stoves and those of a similar design.

Our larger canisters are great for group camping trips, such as the 230g JetPower Fuel Canister from Jetboil. Thanks to the clever mix of isobutane and propane, this medium canister performs in cold weather and with low fuel levels.

Plus, with self-sealing options, you won't have to worry about any leaks or spills in your gear. The Highlander 227g Self-Seal Camping Gas 4-Pack is ideal for solo camping trips with minimal stove use. The self-seal top allows you to pack down your camp quickly and easily.

Shop our range of gas canisters for camping stoves today and get free delivery*!

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How Long Does 220g Butane Canister Last?

A 220g Butane canister typically lasts for approximately 2 hours on high heat settings and up to 4 hours on low to medium heat settings when used with a camping stove. The actual duration a canister lasts may vary depending on the stove's efficiency, weather conditions, and cooking intensity.

What is the Best Gas for Camping?

When choosing the best gas for camping, a mix of isobutane and propane is the preferred choice for seasoned campers. This mix is ideal because it offers consistent performance in various weather conditions, has a high burning temperature, and is widely available.

Are Camping Gas Canisters Safe?

Camping gas canisters are generally safe when handled correctly according to manufacturer instructions. Always ensure proper ventilation when using gas canisters, store them in a cool place, and avoid exposing them to direct sunlight or heat sources.

Is Camping Gas the Same as LPG?

Camping gas is not the same as LPG. LPG stands for liquefied petroleum gas and is commonly used for household heating and cooking appliances.