Fire Making Equipment

Making a Fire can be one of the most important parts of Bushcraft or Camping, Not only does it generate heat and enabling cooking of a great meal it is also one of the most social parts of the trip sitting around with your friends.

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But what equipment do you need to start making fires?

Well, you will need some tinder or kindling, plus some fuel to begin with.

Tinder is the first thing you need to get a fire going. It is an easily combustible material that ignites with little heat. This can be things like dryer lint, paper, birch bark shavings,  or magnesium shavings.

Kindling is the next step up from tinder. It is slightly bigger pieces of wood that will catch fire  from the tinder. This can be sticks, twigs, or small pieces of bark.

Fuel is what you will use to keep the fire going once you have it started. This can be larger pieces of wood, logs, or even charcoal.

The two most important things to remember when collecting wood for a fire are:

  • Make sure the wood is dry. If it is green or damp, it will be harder to get the fire going and will produce a lot of smoke.
  • Collect more wood than you think you will need. It is better to have too much than not enough.

Essential Fire Making Equipment

Other important fire making equipment includes:

– A knife: This is for preparing the tinder and kindling. A sharp camping knife will make it easier to create the shavings and tinder you need.

A fire starter: This is something to help you get the fire going. This can be a lighter, matches, a ferro rod, or even a battery.

– A container: This is for carrying your tinder and kindling. A plastic bag or small tupperware container will work.

– A fireproof surface: This is for building your fire. It can be a fireplace, a ring of stones, or a metal grate.

Wood to Water stock a wide range of fire making equipment, that includes waterproof matches to start your fire with, solid fuel blocks so your fire burns efficiently whilst you cook, and of course reliable fire starters that are handy when camping in strong winds.


How do you build a fire pit for camping?

Building a fire pit is a great way to contain your fire and protect the ground from the heat. It also makes it easier to cook on as you can put a grate over the top.
To build a fire pit, dig a hole in the ground that is about a foot wide and two feet deep. Line the hole with rocks or bricks . Then, build your fire in the pit.

What is the best way to start a campfire?

There are many ways to start a campfire. One method is to use a teepee fire lay. To do this, place your tinder in the center of your fire ring. Then, stack your kindling around it in the shape of a teepee. Once your teepee is built, light the tinder in the center.

How do you keep a campfire going all night?

To keep a campfire going all night, you will need to add more fuel to it every few hours. It is also important to build your fire properly so that it burns efficiently.
To build a fire that will last all night, start with a large log in the center of your fire ring. Then, add smaller logs around it. Every few hours, add more small logs to keep the fire going.