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Find the perfect furniture for your outdoor adventures with our selection of camping chairs and tables! From heavy-duty folding camping chairs and tables to lightweight portable solutions, we have a complete range designed to give you comfort and convenience in every environment. Read More

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Outdoor Camping Chairs

At Wood To Water, we stock the ultimate extensive range of lightweight camping chairs to offer ease and portability when you’re out on the road or camping.

The Highlander AYR Folding Chair is extremely tough, yet made from a lightweight aluminium frame with easy air-flow mesh. It’s perfect for those who want a comfortable outdoor experience without having to worry about storage space!

If you’re looking for reclining chairs, the Naturehike Lightweight Compact Chair's leading design emulates a relaxing reclining chair feel without all the additional weight and folding elements. Doubling up as loungers, relax and breathe, taking in the wonderful outdoors!

Complete your outdoor camping set-up with our collection of camping chairs and tables from top trusted camping brands, and find just what you need for your next adventure.

Browse through our selection of camping chairs and tables to make your outdoor experience the best it can be!


What are the strongest camping chairs? Metal chairs with reinforced joints are able to bear more weight and last longer than plastic or cheap chairs. The Highlander AYR Folding Chair is extremely tough. Composed of lightweight aluminium, it offers durability as well as easy travel.
Can I leave camping chairs outdoors? We suggest moving your camping chairs under cover in wet conditions or at the end of the day to make sure they last longer and don’t run the risk of rusting. We stock incredibly durable camping chairs, capable of withstanding all weather conditions.
What should I look for when buying a camping chair? When it comes to finding the perfect camping chair, you should look for a chair with the proper weight-bearing features made from durable, yet lightweight materials such as aluminium for legs and mesh for breathable seating material. Try the Naturehike camping chair for a range of sizes and long-lasting materials that are easily transportable – exactly what you need for camping outdoors!
What different types of camping chairs are available? Wood To Water offers a range of different styles of camping chairs from lightweight and compact to heavy-duty folding chairs. Find the perfect mix of reclining relaxation, travel weight and chair material by browsing our unique collection.